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Posted On: 7 February 2021 12:01 pm

Over 30 weddings held on 6 Feb before new COVID-19 restrictions took effect

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Following the Cabinet decision on banning indoor & outdoor weddings and limit them to homes, which goes into effect starting Sunday, 7 February, families in Qatar advanced their wedding dates and held them on consecutive days on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, last week, according to Al Sharq.

As mentioned by @a3rasqatar on Twitter, more than 30 weddings took place in the country on Saturday, 6 February alone. They specialize in publishing wedding invitations and photos in the country.

They had also mentioned in a Tweet that:

List of weddings on 6 February show more than 30 weddings.

The Cabinet decision with respect reimposing COVID-19 restrictions for weddings amid a surge in cases is as follows:

Not to hold wedding parties in closed and open spaces until further notice, this excludes home or majlis weddings, in the presence of no more than (10) people in closed places and (20) people in open spaces who are relatives of the spouses, notifying the Ministry of Interior of the date and place of the wedding ceremony and pledging to abide by the procedures and precautionary measures according to the mechanism determined by the ministry.

The cabinet called on citizens and residents to adhere to the precautionary measures to contain the virus and avoid the penalties stipulated in decree-law no. 17 of 1990 on communicable diseases, amended in law no. 9 of 2020. The cabinet also called on citizens and residents to complete their transactions with governmental and private entities using electronic systems and applications, and avoid visiting them unless it was absolutely necessary.

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Source: Qatar News Agency, @a3rasqatar (Twitter), Al Sharq
Cover image: Shutterstock