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Posted On: 23 February 2016 04:48 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Traffic in Qatar: Stealing years of our lives

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Qatar is currently experiencing some growing pains as it gets ready for the 2022 FIFA games. That is the thing about growing pains, they pain. The street outside my home was dug up recently. Surely, it will become bigger, better, and more efficient. Till then however, it takes me an extra half hour to drive my children to school, it once only took 10 minutes, 10 beautiful minutes. I work in West Bay, my children go to school in West Bay, and my home is in a neighborhood right next to West Bay – it now can take hours to go to these places, not because of the distance, but due to the traffic.

I see these laborers working tirelessly to build our roads. I see the quick and vast improvement to the construction. Still, every single day, I am spending so many extra hours in my car. My children love it though, they tell me all their stories, ideas, passing thoughts and share random details i.e. “mom, I have a red sweater at home”. I watch people in the neighboring cars reading the news, texting, and chatting on the phone, keep in mind the traffic is in complete standstill. Once the traffic starts moving, beyond snail pace, people almost get excited.

The reality is; don’t try and rush… anywhere. Why? Because it won’t help. Everyone is suffering, everyone is waiting in traffic, and it will require patience. A whole lot of patience.

Are you suffering in traffic? Do you have any creative ideas to survive the traffic jams here? Sound off below, we would all love to hear from you.