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Posted On: 11 May 2016 05:41 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Tips to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh during the Doha Summer

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Title image: Dolce&Gabbana

Since it’s officially summer we know the plight of most women in Doha’s extreme heat is melting and runny makeup. Totally understand why women get annoyed or frustrated (myself included), particularly if your face beat is on point before you step out of your house, and after the wave hits it’s just a coalescence of what seemingly “was” a work of art. We’ve come up with a few helpful ways to prevent you from looking like a runny painting.

Avoid Powders (in all forms)
Photo by: David Hillegas

Stick to using cream-based products; eyeshadows, blush, and highlighter. They even add a healthy looking shine to your face. Powders tend to become cake-like and chalky in the heat, totally taking away any type of “natural” look you’d be going for. Even though your first instinct when your face gets oily is to dab on some powder, try not to as it will probably look and feel worse than the oiliness.

Stick to Light Foundations or Tinted Moisturizers
Photo by: Clinique

The trick to beating the heat is to go light on everything. Light is good, thick is bad. Oil-free foundations are recommended during the summer, as well as tinted moisturizers. The latter is pretty self-explanatory- it’s just like moisturizer that comes in different shades, like foundation but not foundation. Check out Clinique and The Balm for some of their tinted moisturizers, and Nars for light foundation.

Waterproof Mascara/Eyeliner
Photo by: FashionStyleMag

Aim to use waterproof products for your eyes so that they literally do not melt in the heat. Regular mascara and eyeliner paired with high temperatures and humidity are a no-no.

Soft or Bright Colors
Photo from: Lipstick Queen

For eye-makeup and lipsticks go for either bright or soft colors. It may be tempting to go dark and rock a smoky-eye but summer makeup is meant to look light and fresh! Pinks, nudes, even browns are great summer colors! Even blues and greens (for the eyes). Some people even wear orange and yellows! Satin or creamy lipsticks are also more reflective of the summer season, but matte is something I’ll never give up no matter the season.

Photo from: Cosmopolitan

You should wear sunscreen at all times to protect yourself from being sunburned. You can even wear sunscreen under your foundation, as a base. Some tinted moisturizers actually add SPF and act as sunscreens. Definitely apply sunscreen to parts of your skin that will be exposed to the sun, like your face and arms.

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It is so important to keep yourself hydrated in the summer. It is both good and necessary for you, and it reflects on your skin too. Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go. Some people also carry around face mist, which is mostly water-based, but helps you stay fresh.

Lip Balm
Photo from: Ulta Beauty

It is as equally important to keep your lips hydrated too. High temperatures and dry weather can lead to dry and chapped lips. Some lip balms also incorporate sun protection as well, and can be worn under lipstick too. EOS has awesome lip balm, but you would probably have to order them online or find them on makeup accounts on Instagram in Doha.

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