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Posted On: 26 September 2018 03:30 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

This 12QR meal can make you last until salary day!

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Low income workers and those expatriates earning average wage in Qatar are struggling every month to survive the arduous and sometimes long tenure of working overseas just to fend for their loved ones back home. And while the first two weeks of the month are usually a breeze since many workers get their salaries every 30th of the month, the third week (especially the last few days) is another story.

More than 3/4 of Qatar's more than 2.5M population count is made up of expatriates who hail from over 150 nationalities—all seeking to make a living by taking on jobs in a variety of fields such as medical, accounting, technology, procurement, hospitality, aviation, and construction being the most widespread.

Last month, we've published a Qatar Guide article highlighting 8 saving hacks to keep in mind while waiting for salary day. Get yourself informed by reading it HERE.

Saving money in Qatar

In there, the first tip says: "Choose What You Eat." But then, we realized that how can something healthy be inexpensive at the same time when the price of most vegetable and fruit products in Qatar are skyrocketing especially after the blockade was imposed?

Even a single order of salad in Subway—for example—will cost an aspiring vegan a hefty 25 QR depending on the toppings that they will choose to add.

Now we know why the above-mentioned article only has 8 hacks... make way for our 9th and 10th tip!

Saving money in Qatar

Yes, this life-saving pre-salary hack will cover 2 slots just because it's been proven highly effective for those who want to survive the last remaining days before salary day comes!

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored in any way. We just want to make sure that despite having almost nothing left on our pockets during these hard times—yes, we can relate!—Doha's workforce is still able to survive by never skipping a meal.

Our point is... why do you have to limit yourself to eating instant and canned food items if you can elegantly head out and grab a decent meal?

Saving money in Qatar

With that, we bring you KFC's Kabayan Meal!

Made up of a winning combo lead by 2 pieces of crispy fried chicken (any part of your choice), every order of the lesser-known Kabayan Meal includes a cup of steamed white rice, and gravy sauce—which the restaurant doesn't usually serve in the Middle East.

Its name for sure rings a bell to most people residing in Qatar as 'Kabayan' is an alternate and more popular term for Filipino expats. The meal is called Kabayan due to the apparent fact that Kabayans' favourite base food has always been rice which is at most times teamed up with chicken, meat, or fish.

To make every meal taste more exciting, a small portion of sauteed vegetable or hot soup is placed alongside the rice and chicken. But in KFC's case, the small portion is occupied by the gravy, a sauce often made from the juices of meats that run naturally during cooking and thickened with wheat flour or cornstarch for added texture. This brown-coloured liquid is what Filipinos consider the perfect dip for their deep-fried chicken.

KFC Qatar's Kabayan Meal

Another disclaimer: Please don't acquire the connotation that only Filipinos can order this meal since its named after Qatar's 4th biggest expat community. It might be inspired by Filipino traditions but everyone (regardless of nationality) is welcome to whisper "Kabayan Meal" at the KFC counter and experience its goodness once it get serves hot!

Here are five reasons why KFC's 'Kabayan Meal' should be your 'to order' meal while waiting for payday:

  1. It only costs 12QR! You can add 3QR for a medium-sized soda, or shell out another 3QR if you fancy a dreamy cup of coleslaw.
  2. It's not included in the physical menu of the fast food chain! Though printed and advertised on most counter displays, you'll never know that this meal exists until you hear someone ask: "Is the Kabayan Meal still available?"
  3. It comes with not just one, but two pieces of heavenly-tasting chicken slices which you can customize based on your preference. May it be the flavor (normal or spicy) or the part (thigh, leg, and wings being the most popular)
  4. It's halal and suits everyone's taste bud!
  5. And did we mention that they're always prepared fresh and served on time?
KFC Qatar's Kabayan Meal

Notice to the public: This meal suggestion is a wise choice for those who are trying to save money during the pre-salary season in Qatar but it's not advisable to patronize such every single day. Balance is still key.

How is the waiting game for you like now that payday is just a few days away? Do you think that you can still survive until the month-end? If this pre-salary life hack is cool and can help you save money, then don't forget to like and share the good word with your friends—it keeps us going!