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Posted On: 8 July 2019 03:18 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:04 pm

Things you need to know to own a pet in Qatar

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
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Cruelty to animals in Qatar is illegal. It's punishable by law and should be strictly implemented. Chapter eight - the Crimes Committed on Animals on Criminal Penal Code (No 11 of 2004) states as below:

Animal crime laws in qatar
Animal crime laws in qatar
Chapter eight - the Crimes Committed on Animals on Criminal Penal Code (No 11 of 2004)

Recently, two incidents of alleged animal cruelty, particularly to dogs in The Pearl Qatar area, were reported resulting in the death of one dog because of excessive dehydration and stress after its owners left them in the balcony of their homes without food and anything to drink. Angel, the first dog, jumped from the balcony and died on the spot, but puppy Saluki was fortunate enough to have survived the 5 hours he was locked out and was rescued by concerned neighbors.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no law on abandoning animals, and this is probably one of the reasons why we can find many stray pets on the street.

Whether there is a law or not, everyone must understand and acknowledge the responsibility of having a pet.

Check if you are ready to own a pet

Paws have listed down below questions to ask yourself before deciding to own one.

  1. Have you done homework, such as reading about housebreaking, training, behavioural problems, and daily care of a dog? And what kinds of dogs are best for you and your family?
  2. Will your working hours allow enough time to provide the care and exercise a dog needs every day?
  3. If you have children, will you have time to provide the daily care and exercise a dog needs every day?
  4. Will you have enough money to cover food, toys, annual vet exams, vaccinations, monthly heartworm preventative, flea control, unexpected medical costs, grooming, training, and boarding the pet when you travel?
  5. Are you ready to live with a pet? Can you depend on your children not to pester a dog or a cat and not to let them out the door? Will you be able to watch the dog at all times when children visit your home?
  6. Do you have time for obedience training and teaching house manners as necessary to help the dog become a good companion?
  7. Do you travel frequently, and if so, what are your plans for the animal?
  8. Can you make the commitment to care for this animal for his or her lifetime?

If you think you are ready to own a pet, we recommend you not to buy but adopt these lovely ones . We have written an article where you can adopt.

Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) shares some of the falls reason to adapt a pet for your own satisfaction. Please check below:

Wrong reasons to adopt a pet

  1. Because you think they are "cute" - Puppies change their appearance as they grow old so you think they are not cute anymore.
  2. Because you feel sorry for them in the pet shop- You should not adopt based on emotional impulse at that moment. You need to make sure you are ready to commit so you won't hurt the puppy if decide to adopt it.
  3. Because you need a guard dog- Guard dogs require excessive and special trainings. There are other means to protect yourself.
  4. Because you want to surprise someone with a gift- All pets should be considered as family members and not as objects or gifts.
  5. Animals are not accessories- Animals should not be treated as an accessory that once out of style can be exchanged or returned.

Taking care of pets is a very serious commitment. It’s costly and should be given more attention than usual. Educating our children on how to be responsible pet owners could save the life of one stray dog or cat in the future. If you are going back to your home country leaving Qatar, check out the article of exporting procedure of your pet.

Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to handle these animals with care?

Source: Al Meezan, Qaws, Paws