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Posted On: 22 March 2022 04:26 pm
Updated On: 23 March 2022 09:31 am

Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces commencement of discounted consumer goods initiative

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced in a tweet on 22 March 2022 that the discounted consumer goods initiative will commence from Wednesday, March 23 2022, until the end of the holy month.

As per MOCI, more than 800 goods are being offered at discounted prices in coordination with major consumer complexes.

This annual initiative comes as support from the Ministry to ease the increased expenses on food commodities and consumer goods by citizens and residents during the holy month.

It is also mentioned that the list of discounted consumer goods includes all the basic commodities that the consumer needs during the holy month, such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, chicken, oil, milk and other food commodities, in addition to non-food commodities such as tissue paper, aluminum foil, and detergents. All kinds of washing powders and other commodities of relative importance to the consumer and which are frequently consumed during the blessed month.

The list of goods can be viewed on the Ministry’s website or by scanning the code.

Source & Image Credit: Ministry of Commerce & Industry