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Posted On: 22 June 2016 03:10 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

The Choice of A Lifetime - Healthy Food Options In Qatar

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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We are living in a world where we have so many options that a change is something you can experience overnight. From fashion to our daily lives, change is inevitable and sometimes, the best option. We came to notice how people are running away from fast food joints and looking for options that will help them stay fit. No, they aren’t dieting, they’re changing lifestyles! I would say this has become the ‘it’ thing to do as you see almost every other person is counting calories and sporting a FitBit. We have previously spoken on this lifestyle change, but that was about the services people offer here. Today, we speak of brands and restaurants you can go for when you are on a mission to come over to the side of healthier lifestyles.

Monoprix Organic Section

In a land of chocolates and Nutella jars, I came to a section that put my cravings to shame. The organic and gluten free section of Monoprix became the inspiration for this article as I studied all the options they were presenting. They offer vegan chocolates, brown rice, oils along with other options that help you keep that fat far away. Purchase from this store if you want to restore your fridge with the better things in life and start making the change right from here.


Organic Land

I came across this brand in Al-Meera and found out that they also cater to a few other stores and supermarkets. Organic Land offers lactose and gluten free options for babies and adults as well. From dried goods to fruits and vegetables, you will find yourself sifting through a lot of organic options.

marhaba.jpgImage coutresy Marhaba


It’s not easy to ignore this lifestyle if you are following accounts like 'Raw Me' that constantly remind you of the better lifestyle. Your best friend in times of need when you need to detox or have fresh juice, RAW Me has an array options that will help you stay on track. Using produce from regional and local farms, raw me aims to bring fresh fruits, vegetables and juices to you.


Diet Delights

I have been suggested to go for diet delights every time I complained about my love for McDonald’s in public. Giving you a range of readymade meals using the most nutritional and delicious flavors, Diet Delights is bent on making you dial their number when it comes to food cravings. Giving you a solution for all the problems you face with this lifestyle, the company makes your life easier.

Salad Boutique

You can always enjoy a healthy meal when you go out as well because old habits really do die hard. Therefore, head over to the salad boutique to enjoy their food and enjoy living the path you have selected. They have huge servings and chances are, you will find almost anything you want on their menu. They serve salads as their main course and there is honestly no other explanation needed as to why one should go to them.


TImage Courtesy ChutesDoha


Not everything in life has to be pricey. Stop by to Takeaway and order yourself a sandwich fit to your mood. You will find that the calories are low and the food is equally delicious. Give their Healthy Bites section a try and you will not regret it. Easy on the pocket and fulfilling as well, you will fall in love with Takeaway!

Skinny Delights

We have already spoken about this home based business but the need of the hour had us posting about it again. You can order brownies and all other goods to satisfy any craving with Skinny delights. Don’t just stick to salads and give yourself a break by ordering from them.


Green Box

A project by The Box, a company that imports food and nonfood products from countries around the world, the Green Box promises fresh fruit and vegetable delivery to your door stop. They have collaborated with local farmers and make online shopping for fresh products easier.

Get in some exercise with this lifestyle and you are set for a good life. These are a few options we came up with. Are you living the ideal healthy lifestyle? Tell us what you do to stick to it!