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Posted On: 15 December 2019 10:02 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

SustainableQATAR’s Weekly Challenge 42: Healthy Living Rooms

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SustainableQATAR’s 52 weekly challenges – that is one challenge per week for a whole year themed by month – are Qatar-specific and Qatar-relevant opportunities for all residents to take actions in personal life, work and within our communities.

Read the blog post on the December Theme: HEALTHY HOMES

Our living spaces are the centers - the souls - of our homes, where we express the essence of our individual selves emotionally and intellectually. Our living spaces reflect our energy, sense of well-being, taste in art, and need for relaxation. We eat together, read with our children, watch movies, and spend time entertaining friends and family in our living and dining areas.

Nobody intentionally pollutes and poisons their homes. Yet, we all make purchasing decisions that may undermine our health. Do we first consider the materials and ingredients when buying upholstered furniture and carpets, deciding on paint, and using household cleaners? Or does price solely influence our buying decisions? Do we think about what we breathe, and what our skin comes in direct contact with? A number of things impact our indoor air, touch our skin and bodies and affect our health.

In the monthly blog on Healthy Homes, we promise climate action at home and introduce the concept of a healthy home to create a toxin free home - safe from nasty chemicals.

This week’s challenge is about creating safe and comfortable living & dining spaces clean of hidden chemical additives and toxins. Tune in to learn easy steps on how to best avoid exposure to hidden toxins by identifying sources, and reducing and eliminating the culprits.

See Challenge #42 ~ Healthy Living Rooms.