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Posted On: 3 January 2021 08:00 am
Updated On: 2 January 2021 08:38 pm

Green pest control - Who doesn't prefer an "ounce of prevention to a pound of roaches?"

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Ninety percent of all poison exposures involve children below the age of 5, mostly from household cleaners, mothballs and pest control! Call Qatar Poison Center at 4003 1111 to best deal with the situation while at home, with directions from medical professionals to administer first aid response. Only very few cases require a visit to a clinic.

What are the most effective pest-prevention measures that eliminate the use of poison at home?

  1. Leave lights on at night to see the pests and eliminate them.
  2. Remove food sources.
  3. Minimize clutter as hiding places for bugs.
  4. Keep pets to eat roaches and bugs.

Check your answer and learn about preventive pest control and the Qatar Poison Center at