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Posted On: 4 October 2020 08:00 am
Updated On: 15 August 2022 02:42 pm

Healthy Soils - Is soil Nature's gut?

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Healthy Soils Natures gut Sustainable Qatar challenges

What makes gardening so special, particularly in the desert during a global pandemic? For starters, gardening is therapeutic. Working with our hands, turning soils, and touching plants is a great sensory experience for young and old and also physical exercise in contrast to the many hours we are sitting at desks with computers and phones.

Layering our gardens with organic material and NOT turning the soil is one of the best ways to draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, which keeps us and the planet healthy. If our food determines our brain and gut health, how in turn does soil influence our food and climate health?

How do layers of organic materials such as compost and decomposed manure and not turning it contribute to healthy soils?

  1. Provides nutrients for soils
  2. Stores air and water for plants
  3. Attracts beneficial bugs and bacteria
  4. Creates a healthy microclimate and ecosystem
  5. All of the above?

Check your answer and find out how to create healthy soils in your garden at