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Posted On: 28 May 2016 11:26 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Doha

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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I recently shifted to Qatar and I’m still figuring my way around the country. From traffic rules to the nitty gritty of the public laws, you could say I have learnt it all. If you are new here and are still managing your way around, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Taxi Woes: You might think that the taxies are the best thing to happen to you. Well, yes and no. While Google maps can be your best friend, you can still end up at the wrong place. You should do thorough research before heading for a taxi and thinking that your destination is right around the corner. The ideal thing is to be fully aware of where you want to be because a few taxi drivers around the town are still new and the maps might just lead you to a similar named different place. You should also keep your distance from private taxis. Not the first or ideal choice for anyone.


A 5 Star Experience: It’s all fun and games at Downtown Doha but you still need to be alert when you’re there. Sure the hotels are great fun but if you’re someone who is not a huge fan of alcoholic drinks, it is better to learn the word ‘virgin’. Since certain bars and café serve alcohol, they naturally assume you are there for drinking so the magic word is going to save you with a little bit of something in your drink!


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STRICTLY Obey The Traffic Rules: If you wish to keep your pocket happy and save, look carefully at the signs all over the street for the signs. From the traffic signals to the speed limit, you have to be alert on the streets. If you’re not wearing a seat belt or you cross the speed limit, you will be fined QTR 500 whereas breaking the signal will cost you QTR 6000. Better be safe than sorry!


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Hummus Will be Your Best Friend: When I shifted to Doha about a year and a half back, I found almost every other food bland. Coming from a country which LOVED spices, Pakistani food was thoroughly missed. Instead of starving yourself and crying your eyes out about how good food can be, wait it out. You will find all sorts of cuisines here and the best thing is that everything is halal.


These are the few things that I had to adjust to when I shifted here, tell us your story too!