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Posted On: 9 November 2015 07:19 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Reach Out To Asia initiates its Leadership Training Programme in Cooperation with Msheireb Properties

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Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), completed the first phase of its ‘Leadership Training Programme’, in cooperation with Msheireb Propertieswhich ran from 29 October until 1 November2015.

The programmewas created to develop and enhance youth leadership and communication skills, in line with QF’s mission to foster progressive societies and unlock human potential. The programme provides know-how for youth to be able to participation in the development of their communities and engage in local and international humanitarian action.

“The Leadership Training Programmeis the first phase of ROTA’s three-phase ‘Youth Challenges’ project that will be rolled out over the next five months with an aim to develop leadership, communication and community service skills. We believe that youth empowerment, including building and investing in their capabilities is a substantial contribution to developing communities,” Mr. Abdulla Albakri, Community Development Manager at ROTA, commented.

He added, “In line with the mission and message of Qatar Foundation, ROTA works to build cohesive societies, through initiatives that give importance to the development of society and education for the countries in need.”

Miss. Noora Ali Al Rumaihi, Public Relations and Communications Supervisor at Msheireb Properties, commented: “We at Msheireb Properties believe in our Qatari youth’s capabilities. We also believe in supporting and developing these capabilities to enable them to take the lead and contribute to the realization of the national vision.”

She added, “We work to provide a conducive environment for creativity and innovation, and to inspire team work for a better future. We are proud to support their thoughts and visions and to be a contributor that empowers them to turn it into reality.”

Participating in the programme were 45 male and female youth aged 18 to 26, out of which over 30 were Qatari. They were divided into six groups and each group was responsible for the development of an idea for a community service project and its implementation once approved. The youth showed creativity and knowledge of the Qatari community’s needs and challenges.

Maha Al Sulaiti, one of the participants, commented: “We want to give back to our local community, and this leadership training is a great opportunity to do that! As youth of Qatar, it is part of our responsibility to improve our communities positively by utilizing the knowledge served to by institutions like ROTA.”

Leadership Training is the first phase of the “ROTA Youth Challenges” project. The second phase will continue from November 2015 until March 2016 and will be a practical execution of the approved projects. The projects will culminate with the EMPOWER 2016 when participants will share their results.