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Posted On: 28 January 2020 05:39 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

Qommunity Voices: Sit Down With Seth - promoting active lifestyle through podcasts

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Have you listened to a Podcast? If not, then here's a short definition: Podcasts are a series of digital audio recordings that you can download on a computer or mobile and listen to any time you want or anywhere you want. The term Podcast is actually a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast, according to

The ILQ team reached out to Sit Down With Seth, Qatar's fastest-growing sports, fitness, and lifestyle podcast. Seth, whose real name is Ahmad Abbas was born in Canada and raised in Doha. The full-time podcast host calls Qatar home, having been here all his life including attending school here.

So scroll down and let's Sit Down With Seth to know all about how he inspires listeners to live an active lifestyle!

ILQ: What is "Sit Down With Seth" all about? What is its mission?

Seth: Sit down with Seth is Qatar’s first live podcast dedicated to sports, fitness, and lifestyle. We are a one of kind talk show where we meet different athletes, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and doctors talking about their experiences and sharing their knowledge.

Our mission is to inspire a lifestyle that makes better athletes. Through conversations with industry experts, we discover the latest insights and trends making the biggest impact in the fitness world.

ILQ: Tell us about your journey with Sit Down with Seth?

Seth: Sit down with Seth started at home! I would just have friends over and we would talk about anything and everything, at the time we didn’t go live and it was just sound no video. With time and some exposure to the craft of being an entertainer, I loved the creative outlet.

Force Sports suggested we give the podcast a more specific direction into sports and lifestyle and add a ‘going live’ and from that Sit Down with Seth was born almost a year ago today. Force sports gave me a platform, a working space, and an amazing team and we work to create and publish what you see today.

ILQ: How did you get into these health and fitness initiatives? How did you start?

Seth: I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2008 and was encouraged by my doctors to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It took me a while to find the right balance for me but once I started my personal fitness journey, I noticed a profound change and wanted to take it more seriously.

Fast forward to 2019 realizing we have this amazing platform to help raise awareness to big causes that affect so many in Qatar we thought we can do our part. Breast cancer awareness, Men's Health Awareness, and many other great causes are worthy initiatives to take on and I am proud to be a part of it.

ILQ: When did you know you wanted to take up this kind of responsibility?

Seth: I love being an entertainer. I’m so excited that I get to do what I love and help bring a little light into people’s lives. We want to inspire and motivate while also making people laugh.

ILQ: What most often inspires your journey as the founder of Sit Down With Seth? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Seth: The team, we have an amazing team with really creative ideas, our guests are always unique and we strive to have a diverse platform.

ILQ: Why do you love what you do?

Seth: To be honest, it is so much fun. I love what I do, what more can a person ask for! I get to speak to interesting guests whose knowledge helps countless people. It is a very rewarding process. I appreciate the community element the podcast allows me to have.

ILQ: Was it easy to set up Sit Down with Seth? What is the biggest difficulty you have faced?

Seth: Having a live podcast is always challenging. You need to find a way to draw people in at the same time every week to watch you and engage with you.

We know how busy people are so a huge shout out to those who have been with us from the very first episode! You guys are the reason we’re still around. Honestly trying to find the right format that works was a trial and error and I think 2020 is going to be a really groundbreaking year for us!

ILQ: What is your biggest achievement so far in terms of your initiatives?

Seth: 2019 was our big launch year for the podcast so we had a lot of really memorable achievements.

I did both Crossfit Opens to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones. We dedicated our October to Breast Cancer Awareness with the Qatar Cancer Society to raise donations and awareness, November was our Men's’ Health Initiative month which we filmed and produced our first documentary, Top Dog, which you can all watch on the Sit Down with Seth Youtube page!

ILQ: How do you balance home, work, and Sit Down With Seth?

Seth: Funny enough, going to the gym keeps my life organized! The mornings are spent in the office with the team working hard to keeping our content fresh.

ILQ: What's next for you?

Seth: To keep growing our team, create more content, work on more film projects and interview Qatar’s sports and fitness personalities.

ILQ: Do you have any message for the people of Qatar?

Seth: Stay tuned, we have a lot more coming your way!

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