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Posted On: 26 January 2021 10:30 am
Updated On: 26 January 2021 10:55 am

Qommunity Voices: Meet Sachi Gomez - a female game streamer and singer based in Qatar!

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Live game streaming has been becoming more popular in Qatar like the rest of the world. While it's still dominated by males, the number of female gamers is growing. One of them is Sachi Gomez, a female gaming content creator based in Qatar who's also a singer and an influencer!

Get to know the talented lady from the Philippines in this short interview.

ILQ: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Sachi Gomez
Image credit: Sachi Gomez

SG: I’m a singer, YouTuber, and Game Streamer from the Philippines based in Qatar. I'm the daughter of the Philippines’ Retro Master and Musical Director, Bobby Gomez of the Brothers Unlimited.

I spent most of my childhood working in the entertainment industry with encouragement and guidance from my parents. I started performing when I was 6 years old and have appeared in musical theater shows in the Philippines and abroad, in various productions together with well-known individuals in the same industry, and have never stopped singing.

ILQ: What got you started on gaming and streaming?

SG: I’ve always been a gamer ever since I was a child. My siblings and I grew up with video games, even played with our Dad, and loved them our whole life.

In 2018, streaming was just starting to really get off the ground. I found it interesting and so I was convinced by my big brother who is also a streamer to build my very own gaming rig and start streaming too. I’ve gained a lot of awesome gamer friends, have built supporters and a community of my own, and even make a living out of it! It was definitely worth it!

I am also currently working in 1UP Studios under 1UP Gaming Center which is one of Qatar’s leading gaming lounges, as their Social Media Editor and game streamer. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I definitely want to improve myself more and be a role model for aspiring game streamers who would also like to pursue this career and help contribute to the continuous growth of the gaming community.

ILQ: Which games do you personally like to stream the most?

Sachi Gomez - female game streamer and singer based in Qatar
Image credit: Sachi Gomez

SG: I play a lot of games with different genres but ever since I started gaming, I’ve always loved RPG games because of the fantasy Universe which lets me experience things you can’t find in the real world—from exciting adventures and never-ending exploration, daily quests and everything else.

But since trying out PUBG for the very first time in 2018, a few months have passed since I started streaming, I’ve realized how much fun it could actually be. I also got hooked on FPS games like Valorant and Apex Legends’ newest update, Season 7.

So I now actively stream Apex and Valorant, as well as Final Fantasy XIV which is an MMORPG game. Sometimes I also stream Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Among Us, Cyberpunk 2077, Ragnarok Online, and a lot more! Gaming is life!

ILQ: Mobile, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch?

SG: I have a Nintendo Switch, play games on my mobile phone, and have also owned a Playstation and loved them dearly but when I had my brother and a childhood friend teach me about PC’s and finally able to build one for myself, got to experience the differences, I’d say PC all the way because of its versatility and multifunction capabilities. But of course, overall you need to find what you enjoy best. I definitely found mine on PC!

ILQ: Aside from gaming, you also sing covers of Japanese and Korean songs. Can you tell us also how you got into that?

Sachi Gomez - female game streamer and singer based in Qatar
Image credit: Sachi Gomez

SG: It has always been the influence of my musically-inclined parents that got me into singing. At an early age, I was already exposed to Anime shows, J-Dramas, and J-pop, everything Japan-related, as my parents lived and worked in Japan for a long time. I grew up hearing them and my other relatives and friends communicate in the Japanese language and so it became easy for me to learn it as well.

As for Korean songs, I remember K-pop becoming the ultimate hype in the Philippine entertainment scene during the early years of the last decade. I became hooked with their catchy lyrics, lovely and heartwarming melodies, and even their awesome dance choreographies. This has overall encouraged me to learn their music and have also become very passionate about it.

When I started my YouTube and my Facebook channels, I really did not expect much from it. I was just doing what I love. It was not easy to gain followers that would actually appreciate your content. It doesn’t happen overnight and you really have to work hard and embrace the whole process. It was such a blessing when a friend of mine shared my Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) song cover. That has been the reason behind my growing YouTube channel. Thank you, Don!

ILQ: How do you balance your work, streaming, family time, and other interests?

SG: I always plan and anticipate. I think about what is most important and prioritize my time accordingly, create a schedule, and set boundaries that help me maintain productivity. My game time is also family time because I play and stream with my siblings every day!

ILQ: What's your advice for people who want to take a leap into becoming a streamer?

Sachi Gomez - female game streamer and singer based in Qatar
Image credit: Sachi Gomez

SG: They always say consistency is key. It’s the same in streaming because if you have consistent stream schedules, people would know when to expect your streams and through this, you’ll definitely be able to build your own community that will support and help you grow as a streamer.

Keep in mind that growing your channel is always not smooth sailing so don’t ever get discouraged by bumps. Instead, take it positively and enjoy what you’re doing. It’s very important to have fun while streaming and when you’re having fun, your viewers are having fun.

Personally, I always keep in mind that happiness is the ultimate aim so no matter what your reason for streaming, do not forget to prioritize it. Be consistent, be yourself, and have a positive attitude!

ILQ: Do you feel there's a stigma surrounding girl streamers, does it affect the way you stream?

Sachi Gomez - female game streamer and singer based in Qatar
Image credit: Sachi Gomez

SG: There is definitely a stigma. From the gaming scene being known as a largely male-dominated industry, female gamers are often perceived as only casual gamers and are berated by more competitive gamers.

As a live streamer, though I mostly receive positive feedback from my audience, there would also be negative comments. Learning how to cope up with the experience made me realize that ignoring trolls and refusing them the attention they want is key to a more peaceful streaming career.

More and more female gamers are being drawn to the streaming scene and it makes me feel proud and happy to see everyone come together and pursue their passion for gaming, and if I ever inspire anyone of them, that would be one of my best achievements. Let’s go Girl Gamers!!

ILQ: Who are your idols and/or mentors in the gaming industry/community?

SG: Most people would often throw out the names of famous individuals in the gaming industry but for me, I would say my fellow gamer siblings and my friends are my idols and my greatest mentors.

Speaking from personal experience, they’ve been with me throughout my streaming journey and were the ones who have given me guidance and encouragement to improve myself in terms of gaming. I was no better when I started playing particular games. I learnt from my mistakes, from watching them, playing with them, and I can freely and comfortably ask for advice and get good coaching.

I always appreciate their genuine approach from encouraging me when I do well, complimenting my improvement, and their criticism which I take positively because I know it’s for my own benefit. Patience and a guiding hand will fix all. They are truly my Senpais! They have helped me see the best in me.

ILQ: In the future what do you ultimately want to be?

SG: To be honest, I have yet to reach my ultimate goal which is to become a well-known music and gaming influencer, but I am very excited and determined to continue with my journey to achieve it and to become someone who can also inspire other people to love their craft and to not be afraid to dream big! Imagine, believe, and achieve!!

Thank you Squadchi and SachiGang for the love and support!

Connect with Sachi Gomez on these channels:

Cover image credit: Sachi Gomez


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