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Posted On: 13 March 2019 03:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:03 pm

Qommunity Voices: Qatar's very own Brother Team Drift

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For those of you who don’t know a lot about drifting, let’s shed some light on the sport and what it’s all about before we tell you all about the Brother Team Drift in Qatar who are a bunch of drifting enthusiasts and experts that have raced Qatar through a number of victories on the local and the international drifting scene.

Drifting is a motor sport adventure

Drifting is an adrenaline-pumping, fast-paced, adventurous motor sport that has taken the world by storm. It was born in the winding mountainous roads of Japan in the 1990s; it quickly picked up momentum and, today, there are drifting championships held around the world, with Qatar being no exception where it is one of the fastest growing sports, especially since people in Qatar just simply love cars and all things related.

Drifting is all about having fun and enjoying the thrill of adventure that comes with is. Put simply, for those of us who aren’t petrol heads, drifting is all about swerving a car sideways in oversteer while the driver manoevres it from turn to turn without the wheels of the car actually gripping the road and yet still, actually being able to balance the car and maintain control of it. Seeing is believing, to be honest.

Qatar's very own drifters

Let’s now introduce you to Qatar’s very own Brother Team Drift who are a well-known racing team around the drifting circuit both locally and internationally.

Each individual of the Brother Team Drift brings something unique to the team along with their shared passion for all things car and drifting. They all complement each other perfectly and work together as ‘brothers’, like one big family, even though they are from different countries, and that’s the reason why they call themselves the 'Brother Team Drift'.

The ‘brothers’

Qommunity Voices: Brother Team Drift and Al Kass
Image title: Brother Team Drift receiving a shield from Al Kass TV crew

The team all have weekday professions that keep them busy, but whenever they have the time and on their off days, they will be seen together sharing their passion for cars and drifting at the team workshop where they fix and prepare the race cars as well as work together on other related-projects. The ‘brothers’ are made up of the following team members:

1. Abdullah Almohtaseb

Abdullah is from Jordan and is the main drifting driver. He pilots the race car in all of the local and international drifting events and also gives feedback to the mechanics on any changes that need to be made to the racing car.

2. Hani Almohtaseb

Hani is from Jordan (he's also Abdullah's brother) and is the team manager/electrician of the team. He oversees the team management, making sure everyone has a job to do. He also repairs and maintains any electrical equipment on the race cars.

3. Sanad Aldosari

Sanad is from Qatar and is also a team manager. He manages the team making sure the ‘brothers’ have everything they need as a team and that everything runs the way it should.

4. Alaa Frageeni

Alaa is from Tunisia and is the team’s head mechanic. He is responsible for fixing and repairing any damage to the race cars or replacing parts and maintains the vehicles to ensure they are running to their full potential.

5. Jed Watt

Jed Watt is from Australia and is the team photographer/media producer. He documents all the drifting events in which the Brother Team Drift participate by taking high quality photos and videos to post on the team’s social media pages.

6. Vinitesh

Vinitesh is from India and is the team’s mechanical assistant. He helps Alaa in anything that is required. From getting the right tools for the job to changing tires in-between runs; he is a big support to the team.

Discovering the sport of drifting together

As ‘brothers’, they all wanted to build a project that they could all have a part in and bring them closer together. It was then that they discovered the sport of drifting. As soon as they saw drifting, they just knew that they wanted to build a drift car and be part of the drifting circuit.

In the words of Abdullah Almohtaseb, the main drifter:

“There is something electric about the sport of drifting that other motorsports lack (in our opinion). We just knew as a team, that drifting would be the sport for us.”

Safety requirements are a must in drifting

As like any other motor sport that has specific safety requirements to ensure everyone is safe, drifting is no exception. Driver safety is the main concern and all cars are required to have a safety inspection before each event to ensure all required safety equipment is fitted and functional, e.g., roll cage, fire extinguishers, seat belt harness, helmet and racing suit.

Qatar has a great drifting championship

Qommunity Voices: Brother Team Drift and I Love qatar
Image title: Brother Team Drift and have a long standing association

Drifting in Qatar is still being established, but with each event it’s getting bigger and better with more and more people coming to watch. The drivers here in Qatar are very skilled and have top quality race cars. There is a great local championship with some very healthy competition. The more people get to know about the Qatar Drift Championship, the more drivers come to compete and try their hand at the motor sport the ‘brothers’ all love so much!

Competing in drifting events is always exciting

Qommunity Voices
Image title: Brother Team Drift in full on drifting mode

Brother Team Drift have competed in multiple drifting events; from the local Qatar Drift Championship to international events like the Oman Drift Championship, Jordan Drift Championship and the Lebanon Redbull Car Park Drift. Competing in international events is always a very exciting and an enjoyable thing to do together for the ‘brothers’.

These championships take them to different countries and environments, where they get to compete against different drivers on different types of courses. Not only does this help to make Abdullah a better driver and gives the ‘brothers’ more experience and exposure in bigger and more professional events, it also helps them gain more recognition within the drifting community.

Drifting builds memories and lifetime friendships

For those who want to try drifting, the advice the brothers give is to

“just do it,”

as Abdullah Almohtaseb put it,

“Drifting has bought us so many incredible memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. It is for sure a motor sport for people and pure enjoyment. We are one big family in drifting, and anyone who wants to try it is always accepted and welcomed with open arms. It can be expensive at times, with tires being the major cost. But if you build a reliable car and enjoy it then all these expenses become worth it. Get yourself a good group of friends to help you build your vehicle that are committed and you will never look back.”

What’s next for the Brother Team Drift

The ‘brothers’ are looking forward to competing in more international events, as well as growing and becoming more competitive as a team.

Message for the people of Qatar

The Brother Team Drift have a message for all of you that live in Qatar:

“If you love motorsport, loud cars, tire smoke and great entertainment for the whole family then come to the Qatar Racing Club to witness the incredible sport of drifting. Once you witness it in person you'll be hooked!!!”

Watch the Brother Team Drift live on 14 - 15 March

Qommunity Voices: Brother Team Drift
Image title: the newest addition to the Brother Team Drift

The Qatar Drift Championship Round 4 is taking place from 14 to 15 March at the Qatar Racing Club in the Industrial Area on Street #52, so if you want to go and see the ‘brother’s in drifting action in their new racing car, don’t forget to be there.

Check the schedule below for timings:

QOmmunity Voices : Brother Team Drift
Image title: Schedule for the Qatar Drift Championship (image credit: Qatar Racing Club)