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Posted On: 1 June 2021 11:00 am
Updated On: 12 January 2022 01:37 pm

Qatar Youth Power Conference: One of the first and only student-initiated conferences

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Nelson Mandela's famous saying goes like this: “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. Taking from this evergreen quote and making us proud are these young leaders from Qatar. To empower the youth of the country and to create a positive impact in the community, a group of students are organizing the Qatar Youth Power Conference, where some of Qatar’s well-known figures will be a part of the speaker panel at the conference.

This exciting event will be happening from June 10 to 11 this year. The team got in touch with the team of the Qatar Youth Power Conference (QYP Conference) to get to know more about it! Let’s dive into it!

ILQ: What is the Qatar Youth Power Conference?

Qatar Youth Power Conference 2021
Image Credit: Qatar Youth Power Conference (QYP Conference)

QYP team: The QYP Conference is the first and only student-initiated conference in Qatar to develop, connect and empower the youth of Qatar to positively impact their communities through learning from Qatar’s change-makers. The QYP Conference is being put together by 7 high school students:

  • Natalie Magness (Founder), age 17 from Doha British School
  • Amal Elcharbini, age 17 from Dukhan English School
  • Sebastian Santoni, age 17 from the International School of London
  • Xiangtong Liu, age 16 from Doha College
  • Kayana Elmaadi, age 17 from Taylor's College Malaysia
  • Aanya Srivastava, age 16 from Park House English School
  • Johanna Karen Sarsonas, age 17 from Newton International Academy

The QYP Conference is proudly partnered with Maker Majlis of Hamad Bin Khalifa University. The Official Digital Media Partner is and the other partners are Qatar Medical Students’ Association (QMSA), Students Qatar, Greener Future and Doha Environmental Actions Project Qatar (DEAP).

ILQ: What is the mission/aim of the QYP conference?

QYP team: The agenda of the QYP Conference is structured as a journey that first aims to unlock this potential by developing participants as individuals, then connecting this to the local and wider community and lastly, empowering them to take this globally.

Our vision is to see the next generation of youth in Qatar empowered to take initiative in the local and global community, thus sparking a chain reaction for future generations of Qatar’s youth to carry impact forward.

ILQ: Why do you think it is important for the youth of today to feel empowered?

QYP team: Every day, all around the world, tragedies, injustices and crimes against humanity occur. Reading about these events in the news and media easily makes one feel that nothing they do could make any significant difference. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Youth hold so much potential to be powerful drivers of change. And the best thing is, you don’t need to hold a certain position, have years of experience, have high-profile connections or lots of money. All you need is a passion for positive change. Whether that be fighting for the fairer treatment of women, the climate crisis, or combating bullying in your local community. All of us, especially the youth, can and should take action.

ILQ: What aspects/sessions does the conference cover?

Qatar Youth Power Conference 2021
Image Credit: Qatar Youth Power Conference (QYP Conference)

QYP team: The QYP Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from Qatar’s brightest change-makers through interactive workshops, keynotes, panel discussions and more. Attendees will gain the key skills and resources to be stronger drivers of change in their communities as well as have the chance to meet and build connections with like-minded students of Qatar.

ILQ: Who are some of the key speakers at the event?

QYP team: Notable guests who will be hosting workshops, panel discussions or keynotes at our event include:

  • Khalifa Al Haroon (Mr. Q), CEO and Founder of
  • Hamad Al Amari (The Qatari Guy), Comedian, producer, entrepreneur
  • Dr. Mohamed Evren Tok, Assistant Dean of Innovation and Community Engagement and Associate Professor of Islam and Global Affairs and founder of Maker Majlis
  • Dr. Ameena Hussain, Chief Curator and Director of Programs at WISE
  • Fatima El Mahdi, Head of THIMUN Qatar

We have a line-up of 30 high-profile speakers consisting of activists, entrepreneurs, leaders, peacebuilders and innovators from or based in Qatar and are making a difference in fields from education to politics to business. Our change-makers are diverse in their spheres but united in the mission of empowering Qatar’s future generations to take initiative to positively impact the community.

ILQ: Who can attend and how can one register for the event?

QYP team: The conference will be taking place from June 10 to 11 virtually on Zoom.

Registration is open to students aged 11 to 25 (all secondary school and university students) and is free of charge.

To attend the event, please register on our website by Saturday, June 5.

ILQ: What message do you have for the youth/future change-makers in Qatar?

QYP team: That anything is possible. Find a cause that truly resonates with you, educate yourself on it, speak to your friends and family, and be creative! Unique and original ideas are more important now more than ever before as issues in our society and world become increasingly interlinked and complex. Lastly, do not be afraid to make mistakes. You are young for a reason!

Details of Qatar Youth Power Conference

  • Website:
  • Date: 10 to 11 June 2021
  • Age: 11 to 25-year-olds
  • Price: FREE, registration required
  • Instagram: @qypconference

Do you know of someone who’s got an exceptional talent or is making a difference in our Qatar community? Drop us a line in the comments below and you could see them highlighted in Qommunity Voices!

Cover image credit: Qatar Youth Power Conference