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Posted On: 7 February 2022 05:00 pm
Updated On: 7 February 2022 03:29 pm

Qatar resident praised for his heroic act in trying to save a drowning animal

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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How many of us would brave the cold winter evening and jump into a canal filled with freezing water to save a cat? A man named Azzeddin Bizzi, a Qatar resident did just that!

A video sent by one of our followers on (ILQ), brought his good deed to light. Since then, he has also received numerous praises from the Qatar community for his heroic effort. The team got in touch with Azzeddin who works as a restaurant staff at The Pearl-Qatar to know more about what had exactly happened. Let’s get straight to it.

When asked about what he was doing when the incident occurred, Azzeddin said:

I happened to be at work on the evening of 22 January 2022, when a security officer in the area asked me if I could help him find a rope or a swimming tube. When I asked him the reason for it, he told me that there was a cat stuck in the middle of the canal and he was trying to rescue it. I told him I could help bring the cat back.
Qatar community praises resident for his heroic act in trying to save an animal's life
Screengrab from video sent to (Credit: @bharaniarunachalam; Instagram)

Azzeddin continues:

The security person then warned me that the water was very cold and it was a cold night too. I didn’t think about that at all. My only aim was to save the cat from drowning. Afterall, it was a life, it wouldn't have made a difference if it was an animal or a human. I didn’t think twice, I wasn’t scared and jumped straight into the water in the hopes of saving the cat. But unfortunately the cat didn’t make it and I still think about it to date. I feel bad that I couldn't save its life on that fateful night.
Qatar community praises resident for his heroic act in trying to save an animal's life
Screengrab from video sent to (Credit: @bharaniarunachalam; Instagram)

When asked about the response from friends, family & the public:

I got some overwhelming responses from people. They praised me and told me that I was a hero for trying to rescue the cat. My friends called me and told me that they got to know about this incident from the (ILQ) video and it made me so happy. I replied to some comments too on the video. I saw the video myself and was overwhelmed. I would have helped anyone because, they would have also done the same for me.

Azzeddin’s message to people:

Please try and help any animal you see on the streets, irrespective of whether its met with an accident or not. Simple acts like keeping water for it to drink will help quench its thirst. If you do these good deeds, God will definitely help you back, in some way or the other!

One can judge the heart of a person by the way they treat animals and Azzeddin truly has a heart of gold. The (ILQ) team also extends its thanks and applauds Azzeddin for his bravery.

Cover image credit: Azzeddin Bizzi

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Do you know of any other heroic stories in Qatar? Drop us a line in the comments below and you could see it highlighted in our next Qommunity Voices!