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Posted On: 29 May 2016 06:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Preparing for Ramadan - A Look into Charities in Qatar

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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educate a child

With the blessed month of Ramadan coming around, we thought we would present our readers with a list of charities in Qatar that are the ideal donation spots. From giving donations at the various kiosks around the city to an act of kindness, your options are always open. Where the month of Ramadan brings out the best in everyone, we believe that giving charity should be a part of life and not just once a year occasion.


Qatar Charity

Qatar charity is one of the well-known organizations in Qatar that dedicate their services to humanitarian and development programs that fight poverty in collaboration with different communities irrespective of their roots. Qatar charity enables people to have another chance at life by rebuilding it by the help of practicality, innovation and expertise. In addition, it helps them to recover in addition to the bonus points.


Image taken from Marhaba

Educate a Child

A program supported by Qatar Airways, Educate a Child is a concept that was started in 2013. Even though Educate a Child is an organization of its own, their collaboration with Qatar Airways is the one that has been the excelling feature. You can either donate online or during a flight in Qatar Airways. This helps them to reach out further to donate as they are now being featured globally.


Qatar Orphan Foundation

Another organization supported by Qatar Airways as well as Jaidah Group, Dhreima is a public organization that cares for children who do not have parents and give them homes. In addition, they support social orphans as well where they take in children who have parents in prisons or are psychologically ill, take drugs and give them a roof and a natural housing environment until returned to their original environment.


Pakistan Welfare forum

Pakistan Welfare forum in Qatar is a non-governmental organization that is bent on giving Pakistanis the education and medical services that are needed. From financial assistance to legal advice, the PWF is a charity that provides moral support to Pakistanis in Qatar who wish to have a dignified and equitable access to all types of opportunities. Learn, earn and return; the charity focuses on nothing but these core values


Qatar Animal Welfare Society- QAWS

Where we talk about charity, let’s not forget the organizations who are constantly working hard for the animals in Qatar. In 2003, Qatar Animal Welfare Society started this charity for animal lovers and rescuers here and took care of them by providing shelter and food for animals. A building was made the following year as the company saw success pour in. There onwards, you always know where to head when it comes to animal shelters


Cats In Qatar

Following the lead of the QAWS, the Cats in Qatar organization has recently started and helps homeless cats find a warm place to stay. With their business starting in 2010, the organization is run by volunteers. Even though it is not a shelter, this non-profit organization is a foster-based network aiming to helping cats in the country.


2nd Chance

Another Organization that is focused on rescuing animals, 2nd Chance is an organization that was founded in 2009 and is now a shelter that is home for over 200 animals. An NGO that solely relies on contributions and volunteers, they are giving all the desired and needed care to animals.

If you have a charity organization or know of one that does social work, drop us a note.