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Posted On: 22 July 2016 09:06 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Pokémon Go meet up with FilipiKnows

Mega Cervantes
Mega Cervantes
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Playing Pokemon Go doesn't have age limit imagine More than 500 attendees in total for our first Pokemon Go meet-up Qatar from 8PM until 11PM at MIA Park. Mixed nationalities participated although a huge volume cane from the Filipino community.


From the Museum of Islamic Arts players walk towards the meeting place at the trampoline area plus some players of this Pokemon craze came from Doha Port area where they started to walk and catch the augmented reality virtual animals. Although the Organizers (FilipiKnows) wasn't able to brief their volunteers and people from the media, the meet-up went well and everybody's happy in the end.


Besides the photo ops that takes place during the meet-up and while everyone is busy taking their selfies to the giant Pokemon Ball,


everybody was shocked and surprised when a cosplayer showed-up wearing Team Rocket as Jessie. During the LIVE streaming Enzo, Bernard and Khloe lead the FILIPIKNOWS then before the end Carla came with some of the members of Green Pill Band (Marc and Aya) not to mention the support of ‪#‎BananaCakeMan‬ Ralph and ‪#‎UltimateTito‬ Jojie with ‪#‎AdminKaren‬ and ‪#‎AdminCarlo‬.


Did we mention we brought with us our very own Tech-support of Pokemon Go Beta Mr.Rjay Elico trouble shooting and installing this game to some of participants phones and tablets.


Pokemon Go Qatar Players looking forward for the next meet-up and expecting more activities and fun not only in playing this trendy virtual Pokemon Go craze but to play it responsibly in the right place like MIA park, where it should be played and enjoy this one of a kind game.