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Posted On: 12 April 2016 04:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Places you won't believe are in Qatar - UPDATED!

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Qatar, the pearl of the Middle East, offers more than your standard desert landscape! One may find it hard to believe that in this small beautiful country these surreal places really do exist!

Aspire park


Photo by aspire park

A 88 hectares park, Doha's biggest park with an aesthetic appeal of landscape, large lake with ducks and geese, trails and picnics, a variety of trees, bird’s sounds. Who would have thought that this is in Qatar!

About Aspire Park

Qanat Quartier


Photo taken by Jurics Abac

Colorful Apartments, canals, pedestrian-friendly squares, plazas, cafés and the rialto bridge? Are we in Venice? Oh wait no it’s just in the Pearl Qatar!

About Qanat Quartier

Irkaya Farm


Photo taken by Muhammed Salih

Green fields in the middle of the desert! They call it as the bird’s paradise of Qatar. Located 50 kilometers west of Doha. An important environmental landmark of the country.Over 70 plants have identified at this farm and over 200 species of birds have been identified to visit the farm, truly is an amazing place that exist in Qatar!

About Irkaya Farm

Banana Island Resort Doha


Photo taken by Van Darren Martinez

It’s not Thailand beaches nor Maldives! This breathtaking banana shape like island paradise sanctuary is just 25 minutes’ boat ride away from the heart of Qatar’s vibrant capital Doha. No need to travel far, Banana Island is the place for relaxation and adventures!

About Banana Island Resort Doha

Al Hazm

Photo taken by Chantelle D’mello

Are we in Milan? This Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ii inspired shopping center is catering to Qatar and the region’s wealthiest residents. Al Hazm, which means “the natural hill” in the Qatari dialect, is situated atop a small green mound on Al Markhiya Street. It’s just around the corner of Qatar

About Al Hazm

Inland Sea


Image from Google Maps

A trip to Qatar isn't complete without a visit to the inland sea. Lying about 100km south of Doha, the last 30km of the trip are off road, across the sand dunes.

About Inland Sea

Grand Heritage Doha


Photo by Grand Heritage Doha

Fairytales do come true in Qatar! This Victorian palace and gardens are located in the heart of Aspire Zone.

About Grand Heritage Doha

Flamingo Marsh


From November to April every year Flamingos come into Qatar at Salwa Road Ponds which is 12km Southwest of Doha. You would never guess that a desert was so close by.

About Flamingos in Qatar and 5 more animals you may not know live in Qatar

Musfer "Sink Hole"


Image from stevetarbuck

A Karst cave, that is hundreds of years old, where one can walk all the way down. Located in Umm Al Shabrum. A very cool place, indeed, and not well-known to most in Qatar.

About Musfer "Sink Hole"

Katara Amphitheatre


Photo taken from Katara Qatar

It may look like Greece, but.. you are still Qatar :)This is the amphitheatre found in centre of Katara. Built in 2008, it seats 5000 people.

About Katara Qatar

Rather amazing to see that all these places are in Qatar! Have you seen them all yet? Do you know any other places here that look unique and not likely to found in Qatar? Let us know! And if you love this you might also like to see the Big Things That Make Qatar Seem Small.