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Posted On: 21 March 2016 12:06 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Open Air - High End Shopping for All Ages!

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KP lafayette

Welcome to Qatar’s newest shopping complex – Katara Plaza!

Located in West Bay’s cultural village Katara, the new mall will be open Air and air conditioned! Katara Plaza is operated by Ali Bin Ali Group to bring an entirely new concept for shopping to your doorstep. This new mall also aims to be one of the top destinations for family entertainment and shopping, and we found out the details of how this will be achieved. Prepare to be STUNNED - because here are the three great attractions of Katara Plaza that will draw people of all ages to shop here.

Galeries Lafayette


Qatar as a shopping destination is constantly improving and adding to its various malls and department stores, building new malls, specifically designed for outlet or designer labels. Katara Plaza will be no exception, as Galeries Lafayette will now also be opening in Qatar. The very famous Parisian department store carries one of the biggest names in the shopping industry.


Lafayette’s architecture in itself is already an attraction that cannot be missed, as it is in Paris, Berlin and now Doha. Doha’s Lafayette was designed by the architect Bruno Moinard, focusing on elegance and purity and with a high attention to detail.

But now, what is Lafayette going to be like? The store will have three levels with products including cosmetics, perfumes, fashion, gastronomic delights, and home interior. Fashion is the beginning and Luxury is the limit. Galeries Lafayette will truly be a destination of our choosing!

The Children’s mall


This is something to anticipate for the little ones! Children’s mall you say? Yes, indeed. Impossible to overlook, it is found inside the gigantic gift boxes that are attached to Katara Plaza. If architecture should be able speak for itself, this creation certainly does, and it speaks to children! Clothes, entertainment and even education are the emphasis of this mall, all tailored specifically for kids. Interactive elements in educational games, and shopping for toys, school supplies and clothing will bring joy to the whole family.

Furthermore, children can step inside a junior lab stem concept, a robotics lab stem concept and an interactive lobby. Sounds like fun adventures are awaiting your children! If that does not suffice, kids can find their own saloon, perfumery, accessory store and handicraft stations. This essentially means we will be spending most our lives shopping within the children’s paradise.

Evian Spa


Fulfilling children’s wishes gets exhausting, so when you’re ready to go home… don’t leave just yet. Dip into the Evian Spa, that is another fantastic feature of Katara Plaza. Indulge in a complete relaxation experience, in the first Evian SPA in Qatar and in the Middle East, being only the second one in the world.

This Spa is not only for body, but also stimulates the mind with their concept of “health through water” focusing on purity, health and youthfulness. Evian has a whole new take on the traditional spa experience, which will pleasantly surprise you and relax you endlessly.