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Posted On: 7 October 2021 11:35 am
Updated On: 7 October 2021 11:41 am

New Umrah procedures, requirements for Qatar citizens, residents: Awqaf

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Ali Sultan Al-Misifi, Director of the Hajj and Umrah Department at the Ministry of Awqaf, clarified the details of the new requirements and procedures for performing Umrah for citizens and residents in Qatar during an interview on Qatar TV.

In his interview, he told Qatar TV that Umrah procedures are changing according to the data of the coronavirus pandemic, and that the new procedures for pilgrims from Qatar include registering on the "Muqeem" platform as well as on the two applications “Tawakkulna" and "Eatmarna (iOS/ Android)". This was the procedure provided by Saudi Arabia so far.

Al-Misifiri also indicated that the difference between the "Muqeem" and "Tawakkalna" platforms is that the "Muqeem" is a program that contains COVID-19 vaccine data, such as the type of vaccine, the number of doses that were taken, and the date the doses were taken, and "Tawakkaln" is like the EHTERAZ app in Qatar and will be used by the pilgrim to gain entry in different places while in Saudi Arabia after showing it, especially the Masjid Al Haram, also known as the Great Mosque of Makkah.

Umrah permit

In response to a question: Is there a request for a permit to perform Umrah? And how long does it take for approval? Al-Misifiri pointed out that after registering in the "Muqeem" platform, the pilgrim will visit the Enaya office to collect an e-bracelet, a permission to perform the Umrah pilgrimage and to offer the five prayers in Masjid Al Haram. Enaya offices are available at 10 hotels in Makkah to facilitate the pilgrims.

According to Al-Misifiri, only Umrah tour operators licensed by Awqaf Qatar will be authorised to get issuance of visa, obtain permissions and follow other procedures required for the citizens and expats in Qatar wishing to do Umrah and fulfil the requirements of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj.

For information on the new procedures for Umrah, please contact the Department of Hajj and Umrah via the hotline 132.

Source: Al-Sharq
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