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Posted On: 9 March 2021 08:00 pm
Updated On: 24 July 2021 04:55 pm

Doha gets a vintage makeover with Lucid Credo's retro collages!

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Are you someone who loves the old-school ways or are you into everything retro? This artist from Qatar does wonderful retro mash-ups through art, combining places, famous architecture and monuments in Qatar with retro and vintage-inspired images to form something really striking! You must see it to believe it!

The team spoke with the artist who goes by the pseudonym Lucid Credo to get to know about them and also about their art. Are you ready to travel back in time a little bit?!

ILQ: We’re guessing Lucid Credo is your pseudonym. Is there a reason why you wish to be anonymous?

Lucid Credo: Yes it’s a pseudonym, more like an artist nickname. The reason why I wish to be anonymous is that I don’t want my audience to judge my work based on my name, gender or my overall look. I'm a bit of an introvert, so I don’t want to be recognized by the people who know me in real life so for me to be able to do what I love without worrying about me being recognizable is why I choose to be anonymous.

Lucid Credo - retroqa.jpg
Image Credit: Lucid Credo

ILQ: How long have you been in Qatar?

Lucid Credo: I lived my whole life in Qatar, I am Qatari.

ILQ: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Lucid Credo: My artist nickname fits my anonymous persona. I graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from a UK university and I'm currently doing a Bachelors in Business Management also in the UK, and yes, I'm not an art student, it is just something I’ve always been passionate about. I'm also a painter, photographer, a DC Comics & marvel action figures and comic books collector.

ILQ: What inspired you to start

Lucid Credo: Boredom, quarantine and the curfew during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But why retro arts, you ask? It's because of the simplicity of it. Even though I was born in 1991, I've always loved retro arts and retro stuff so much, ever since I was a little kid. It's part of my personality, it represents me as a person. The music, clothing, games, and movies all inspired me to create a page where I involve retro photos in what I do. Being a photographer also helps me imagining the shots in my head as if I'm actually taking these photos in real life with the perfect perspective, which makes them look so real that you can't even tell its photoshopped.

Lucid Credo - retroqa.jpg
Image Credit: Lucid Credo

ILQ: When did you start with retro art?

Lucid Credo: The quarantine days when the COVID-19 pandemic started. As a photographer, I wanted to go out and take photos but I couldn’t because of the curfew so I had this idea where I use retro aesthetic photos, retro and vintage public domain ads because they were the only stock images and photos you could get your hands on, so I started creating retro collage arts based on Doha by combining photos.

An idea that was only for fun got me more than 10k followers in less than a year! I still can't believe it!

ILQ: Who/what are your artistic influences?

Lucid Credo: The legend Norman Rockwall, JC Leyendecker are the best American retro art illustrators. But I'm a person who gets influenced by retro and classic songs, music, and movies as well. I get influenced by all of the above, not just by artists.

ILQ: Do you have any favourite pieces? Which is your most memorable?

Lucid Credo: It's called everything that went viral in the summer of 2020. Because of that photo, I got offered to do my first ever retro arts exhibition with Rolls Royce because I used the 2020 Land Rover Defender in that post.

And the photo went viral all over the internet and it got more than 2500 likes, and 30,000 reach on Instagram.

Lucid Credo - retroqa.jpg
Image Credit: Lucid Credo

ILQ: Aside from retro art, what else are your passions?

Lucid Credo: Painting, photography, collecting action figures and comic books, music and reading books too.

ILQ: From your art, it seems you’re interested in sci-fi movies. If so, which is your favourite sci-fi movie?

Lucid Credo: 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick (I'm a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick films).

ILQ: What’s next for you?

Lucid Credo: I still don’t know, because none of this was planned. I was doing it for fun and it's just too much to take in. I'm still trying to figure everything out.

ILQ: Where can people purchase your art?

Lucid Credo: The framed prints and posters were available but not anymore. I will update all soon.

Follow Lucid Credo here:

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Cover image credit: Lucid Credo