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Posted On: 2 March 2014 03:37 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:51 pm

Local Qataris create program to share Qatari culture with expats

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A group of Qataris behind have launched a series of webisodes called QTips. The show aims to share 'Bite Sized Qatari Cultural Tips' so that expats can get a crash course on Qatari culture and etiquette.

The show has an added dimension of engaging with users online where they can ask questions online. Questions are then answered in future episodes of QTips.

Users online, both expats and locals, have been praising the show and contributing as well.

alkuwari1993, "I've been asked by a lot of foreigners "Why when a group of Qataris (family of friends) go to Restaurant or a Caffe, they fight on who is going to pay the bill ?"

MrRoyalty506, "Great Job you guys :)) Keep up the good work with these #Qtip videos :)"

Khalood, "I just love this Qtip thing. I wanna be part of ILQ how can I join :D"

Khalifa Al Haroon, founder of ILQ, commented, "There are just some things that we take for granted and assume other people know, but it turns out that what we think is normal, is quite unique to many expats. I'm also extra proud of the fact that there are other Qataris that are contributing. This is the perfect way to bridge the gap between expats and locals."

You can watch QTIPS at