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Posted On: 16 October 2015 07:53 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Karwa taxi driver honoured for honesty

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Mowasalat has honoured a Karwa taxi driver for honesty and integrity after he promptly returned the wallet a woman customer had left in the car.

The Germany-bound passenger found her wallet missing when she was about to check in at Hamad International Airport (HIA).

The wallet had her National ID card without which she could not have gone back to her country. She was also feeling dizzy and unwell and was distraught, said a press statement yesterday.

She sounded the airport security to find her wallet. However, in no time she got it back, handed over to airport authorities by taxi driver Abdul Majeed Kurukkan, who noticed the wallet and had the sense to quickly go back to airport and return it.

Customer Stephanie Shum was overwhelmed with his gesture and had no clue of how to thank the driver.

She had followed up with airport authorities to know the identity of this person and extend her thanks through her email to HIA authority.

“I am keen to talk to him about the impact of his help — for example — that without him returning my German residency visa, I may have major difficulties returning home,” wrote Shum.

Khalid Nasser Al Hail, CEO, Mowasalat, called the driver and rewarded him for his honesty and act of humanity and said such employees inspire work ethics and morality in everyone. He presented the driver with a certificate of appreciation and a reward.