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Posted On: 15 June 2016 10:49 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

It's not all about coffee @Mokarabia Ezdan Tower 1,Westbay

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Mega Cervantes
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We recently tried Mokarabia Coffee bar in Ezdan Tower 1 (West Bay), before the start of Ramadan and I would highly recommend it to anyone passing through. Nowadays, coffee is served everywhere in Qatar either from a well-known coffee company or from a newly introduced café in the market.


I am surely biased towards the cozy and colorful coffee shops, so this place really caught my eye.


Wifi connection at the cafe is solid, the atmosphere is chilled and good for working as there are plug points everywhere!

When we entered the café, the staff welcomed us warmly with big smiles on their faces, assisted us to their best seats and instantly offered us welcome drinks (beverages of the day). We sipped pineapple passion that added more to our appetite.

It was even more surprising when they presented to us their menus stored in a handy ipad (so cool & Wow!!!)


For starters, I ordered “sistina”, (very interesting combination of ingredients, the dressing was light yet very flavorful, the salmon and crab were very fresh and tasty).

Salmon Salad.— This was really good! I'm a huge salmon fan.


And Of course, my favorite “pomegranate” can’t escape me for cold drink preference.


I ordered a hot chocolate and felt like I was sinning by not getting a coffee.


I really liked the ambiance and the vibe is trendy -- it's spacious and almost gives a raw-feeling. The fancy retro look made me happy! Surrounded with books, the cafe is truly a must try for all the bookworms.


There is a little parking lot, a patio in the front (praying for our own car soon, inshaalah!!).

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try their famous pastry ball or “Profiteroles, that was personally prepared for us by the very professional and accomodating Khrishna, the captain waiter at that branch. It was so delicious, the taste was rich, full…oh I can’t describe this taste, it was gorgeous! (be amazed by the video taken by yours truly)


For those who don’t’ eat meat, the cafe serves vegetarian options for salads and sandwiches!!!


The dark chocolate is great, served with a cup of milk (it’s your choice if you’ll pour some into it) you can really tell good quality when you taste it. You can also be rest assured that you're drinking a cup that is 100% organic and was traded fairly.



What I really loved the most, and even asked for another piece to take away was their “carrot cake”.It tastes heavenly! Trust me, the flavor was just right, not too sweet .


The cafe has a nice and friendly staff and the prices are very reasonable for the offerings.


I was in a massive mood to taste all they had on the menus but my stomach couldn't take them in more. (There will always be a next time!!!)

It's raining sweet..ooooooOOOhh Mokarabia!



Big thanks to Mr. Zaldy Barlaan for being flexible to adjust on my availability and for his professionalism. My utmost thank you also to his team and to Ms. Karina for your generous invitation.


The Mokarabia café in Ezdan tower opens from 6am ‘til 1am.

Ramadan timing is from Iftar time until 3am.

You have to check it out coffee lovers!! Mokarabia _Qatar

" Enjoy your first sip and keep coming back for more Kiss Kiss Wink " - mega