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Posted On: 30 May 2016 06:12 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Introducing Miss Gandang Kalahi 2016 in Qatar

Mega Cervantes
Mega Cervantes
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Successfully held the first contest of the beauty of the Filipina who represents a group of basketball of the Filipino in Qatar, "Miss Gandang Kalahi 2016", the evening of 19 May at Retaj Hotel. At the same time also the oath of the officers and members of the community, or Society of Strength and Ideals, an organization of Filipino in Qatar, the deputy ringleader of the Embassy of the Philippines in Qatar was Cultural Attaché Mr. John Jiao.
The Miss Gandang Kalahi is organized by the glamor group, whose purpose is to show the unique beauty, brains and talent of Filipino candidates. The group also wants to show the creations of famous and talented member of Filipino fashion designers like Mr. Vhong Increase who have created the most beautiful robe of the candidates night "Miss Gandang Kalahi".
The occasion was the first part of "Miss Gandang Kalahi", the next grand coronation night will be held in the month of July.
Happily shared by Janela Joy Cuaton Miss Philippines 2015 Miss Tourism International absolute joy she in such a competition. Miss Janela patiently helped and stood in teaching proper posture and modeling of kadidata. Excess she pleased and led his persistence in teaching because she saw the power and skill and size changes of the candidates at the beginning and night to ramp them on stage. "All taught and shared with them, they are only available in this contest or modeling, especially when they enhanced it, definitely far their locals "added Ms. Janela. She also saw participants of potential candidates to become the big contest of beauty and have titles like her.
As Miss Tourism International, she wants to encourage the candidates to cooperate with the reluctant assistance of Tourism in the Philippines, such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, "we should enjoy the tourism in our country," she said.
It also gave a final message for the candidates was Ms Janela. "Do not forget me have people to help you and the organizers of Miss Gandang Kalahi, I am proud and More Power to all of you"
Among the jury were served, Ms. Janela Joy Cuaton, Miss Tourism International 2015 Philippines ,, Mr. Ryan Salcedo of SMDC, Mr. Roland Debuque FFDQ Vice President, Miss Lea of ​​Abo Ali Bin Ali, Model, and Mr. Mohamad Imran, GM ABA.
Also included in the festivities gave TOPI Choir, D'Fri3ndz Dancers.

Good luck to all the candidates and Mabuhay !!! - megaKissKissLaughing