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Posted On: 2 February 2016 03:02 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

ILQ goes to Megapolis

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Release and embrace your inner child at Doha’s new hub for fun entertainment. People of all ages are welcome to play, sing, and enjoy Megapolis’ comprehensive array of games and other highlights that will make every one of us feel like a child at heart. After the soft opening on the 25th of January we have had a look for you to see what we can all expect when Megapolis finally opens to the public on February 15.

Check out our visit here!

After our crash test of the games hub, this is our prognosis! Check out the things we think are going to be the focus of amusing weekends and after school fun.!

1. Fly an F16 Fighter Jet


Dream of flying to distant lands? At megapolis you can learn to fly actual planes. Well… not ACTUAL planes, but it feel super real with the 5 stat-of-the-art flight simulators in an enclosed cockpit with a trainer. After completion you are even rewarded with a certificate! If fighter jets aren’t your thing and you would like to fly a commercial passenger plane, you can try the Boeing 747 airliner. Ready for take off?

2. Bowling with HD equipment


Bowling is one of the best things to do on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, especially during those cold winter days. In the new entertainment hub bowling becomes incredibly phenomenal in the 12 lane bowling alley with a central management, scoring package, pin setter, HD equipment, overhead monitors, and comfy seating for players and spectators.

3. Private Karaoke for your inner superstar


Whether you’re a great singer or a just a big fan of Japanese pop culture, the karaoke rooms are waiting for you! With four private rooms, each with three way speaker systems, 600W 4- channel karaoke mixing amplifiers, UHF true diversity wireless microphone and 1000W 10” high power karaoke speakers. Let your tunes be heard and sing your favorite songs!

4. Billiard or Snooker?


Which of these is the game for you? Play in teams with your friends or in a one on one match. The laid back ambience around the billiard and snooker tables is fitting for any day of the week. When you sink a shot you’ll encounter the amazing effects. So, who’s going to break?

5. Indoor golf course


For outdoor golfing you need to anticipate the weather conditions. Is it too cold, dark, windy or too hot? Whatever the weather, you can go golfing any day and even when its dark in Megapolis. With a PGA curve tour simulator, high-resolution projector systems and a 22” wall-mounted touch screen in combination with the main Astroturf you can live out your golfing dreams.

6. Xbox or PS4?


When you love video games, it always comes to this question, Xbox or PS4, but instead of having to choose or settle for something you can enjoy both. With a variety of cool games you have a new meet up place with your friends.

7. Futuristic Next Generation Games


Megapolis also has some of the Next Generation games and simulators we know from movies that show arcade halls. GridRace, Mini Rider and Roller Coaster Simulators are features in the game zone. Furthermore, we can anticipate a Tranformer DX unit – theater style, Storm RacerGs, DarkEscape 4D, Super Booth Photo Booth (SEGA), Mach Storm, Alpine Racer Skiing, Dead Heat Single, Power Boat, Allied Tank Attack, Dead Storm Pirates, Batman Driving, FEX Water Game and Stinky Feet. The list is exhaustive and definitely enticing!

8. Dinner for Everyone!


The choices for food to regain energy to keep on playing is something for everyone. Diner food, gourmet dining, sandwiches and sushi; done, done, done and done! The Diner Station, Cool de Sac, Earl of Sandwich, and Sushi bar offer delicious snacks and meals that is delicious and revitalizing.

9. Ice Cream or Karak?


In it for something sweet instead or for dessert? Enjoy chilling ice cream at Camilles Ice Cream with your kids, or go for a classic. Karaki is a lounge with all things sweet; Arabic Karak, tea, snacks and local pastries. Khaleeji music in the lounge completes the sweet experience.

10. Finally, if you cant get enough; Get entertainment for take-away!


If all of the gaming still isn’t enough or you’re thinking of sharing it with someone, check out the gift store. We found great sports gear, accessories, unique gifts and games that can be purchased here. Even shopping is something you won’t miss when coming here.

Are you excited yet? Located in Medina Centrale, Megapolis will be a new hot spot for entertainment for old and young. Even if you are not a big gamer, you’ll probably have a good laugh coming here with your friends. Check it out and let us know what you think!