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Posted On: 4 January 2017 01:58 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

Forget ‘New Year, New Me’! It’s time for ‘You 2.0’!

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2016 was one intense year, but let’s ditch some of the cliché trends associated with a change of year. ‘New Year, New Me’ has not been vogue for a long time so let’s not pretend we will be a different person, because we need to buy a new calendar or planner. You are still you, I am me and ILQ is still Qatar’s friendliest community. And that’s a good thing!

That’s why this article will not be one filled with impossibly ambitious new year’s resolutions. Instead we’d like to present some fresh and 2017-ready ideas on how to recover from the festive season, cleanse your mind and body, and embrace the new year with a healthy start. Even if we don’t change who we are dramatically over a night of celebrating with our loved ones, we can make some simple and fun adjustments for happier selves. Try something new, it’s rewarding!

1. Veganuary


Image by

Ever thought of going vegan? Do it this January! One month free of animal products, and you won’t be doing it alone! I’ve learned a lot about veganism lately and uncovering some myths surrounding it. On you can learn about these myths and why one person going vegan CAN make a difference. It also does not necessarily need to be expensive. Browse the website for recipes and experiment yourself with your favorite dishes. Being vegan doesn’t change who you are, but how animals might be treated around the world. Don’t be a wuss, everyone can do it for a month!

2. Cleanse


Image by Raw ME

Cleanses have proven to do their magic for your weight, your skin and energy. But how do you cleanse your body in a healthy way? Several juices you can make at home with a normal food processors can achieve that glowing skin you long for after a December of too much food, sweets and staying up late. You don’t even need a juicer! Or – get it delivered straight to your door with Raw ME. A natural lift of health, weight, mood and quality of life are promised with these raw fruit and vegetable juices that replace some meals. Raw ME is Qatar’s first and only place for vegan cold-pressed juices for your new year detox cleanse.

3. Try a sport you actually like

If you hate going to the gym or find running on the treadmill insanely boring, 2017 should be the year when you find a sport or exercise you actually enjoy. Doha has many clubs where you can get a drop-in class, and if you like it stick with it, and if you don’t just move along! For instance try hot yoga. It’s a big thing in Scandinavia for its many many health benefits. Hot yoga helps you focus, increases flexibility and strength, helps lose weight, acts as a detox, and is even known to heal old injuries. Start 2017 sweating, and getting rid of 2016’s pounds and pain!

4. Mindfulness


Image by Headspace

Mindfulness in psychology is the process of attending to one’s internal and external experiences. Mindfulness improves your well-being and perceived health, while it reduces rumination and worry. Anxiety and depression are significantly helped with learned mindfulness and you can even achieve mindfulness with apps! How incredible is that? Similar to meditating you are made aware of what happens inside your body and around you by Headspace. Learn more about mindfulness, and try out the app to expand on your mindfulness for a healthier and calmer mind.

5. Splurge – BUT stay healthy!

Who doesn’t enjoy treating oneself or someone else to a nice restaurant trip? But when you do, it is easy to feel bloated, guilty or lethargic. ILQ has found some healthier vegan, vegetarian or raw restaurants and cafés for a healthier, lighter and clean devouring of delicious meals. Treat yo’self at Diet Delights, the Chef’s Garden at the Equestrian Club, vegan-restaurant Evergreen, Caramel, or The Raw Bar.

6. Learn to cook


Image by Catering with Vida

Do you know how to cook? No? Well then it’s definitely time to do it this year! Start with a couple of easy recipes and advance until you try out new flavors, spices, and dishes. It increases your creativity, everyday living skills and it’s a lot healthier, since you are the one deciding what exactly goes in your food! No more hidden ingredients. In Doha we recently stumbled upon a marvelous new start-up! Catering with Vida allows you to get lavish Persian and Mediterranian food catered and learn inspired recipes with the chef Vida! Smoked aubergine with garlic, caramelized onion and mint yoghurt, beef tagine with Moroccan spices, white chocolate panacotta, beetroot cake and seasonal mince pies? Sounds good? Well, here’s your chance to learn to make them all!

7. Follow healthy lifestyle blogs


Image by Mama Baba Ganoush

Speaking of food… follow some healthy life-style blogs. Recipes, lifestyle tips, fitness advice to find inspiration this January. Mama Baba Ganoush recently visited us at the ILQ office and made mouthwatering Shakshuka. Visit her social media accounts for the latest, hottest, most delish foodie trends. could be your new source for recipes, beauty secrets, fitness and great finds such as technology, groceries or restaurants.

8. Freshest food around


Image by Baladna

…And now that you know how to cook, find Qatar’s finest, freshest fruit and veg. There is nothing better than locally grown, organic produce from Qatar’s farms. Imported veggies often distort our image of the natural taste of a tomato or carrot, and these local finds can restore that image. Here are a couple of places where you can find your healthy treasures; Al Mazrouah Yard, Organic Land in Al Meera, Carrefour and Geant, and Baladna for animal products.

9. Set up a date at your medical center

As crucial as eating clean, taking care of your mental health and exercising is, keeping up with your physical well-being is just as vital. Once in a while you need to make sure your body software is updated and there is no malware or viruses. Get a supplement add-on if your vitamin D levels are low, or a lens upgrade if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Screenings are a must and they are sometimes even free. Cancer screenings are not fun, though when detected early, cancer can be treated much more effectively. Let 2017 be the year, you don’t miss your check-ups!

10. Spa day

When all else fails, book a spa day – or hour. In case you suffer from stress, back pain, slow-healing injuries or maybe you don’t have time for a quiet bath, you should take time for, and pamper yourself. Try CHI at the Shangri-La hotel where you can get massages for jetlag and insomnia, a cereal and 100% honey scrub for pearly skin, or a rose bliss bathing ritual. Live a little!