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Posted On: 7 June 2019 12:00 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 11:57 am

Filthy Sealine Beach in Qatar, whose fault is this?

Leena Chung
Leena Chung
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Sealine Beach is one of the best beaches in Qatar and a frequently visited outdoor spot by community members. It is a valuable and important natural asset to all of us and it's definitely our responsibility to take care of it.

As the Eid holiday is ongoing, many people have visited this beautiful site and enjoyed outdoor activities with friends and family. However, there have been more than just enjoying the beach. Watch the below shocking and disturbing video clips sent by our followers yesterday.

Just two days ago, on 5 June, it was World Environment Day and ILoveQatar's logo was changed to the heart with a leaf to signify that.

We often share news, articles and videos of the importance of taking care of our environments such as where do our garbages, plastic pollution, recycling in Qatar and many more.

Also, in partnership with Qatar Volunteers, Doha Environmental Action Project Qatar and SustainableQatar, we have been trying to create environmental awareness and sustainability throughout the country. These groups are all non-profit organisations - just groups of people trying to take care of our environment in their free time after work.

Baladiya stated on their Instagram, the General Hygiene Department have put in their effort and returned the Sealine beach back to its normal condition and legal actions will be taken to protect our environment.

Below is the Law no.18: Public Hygiene Violations for your reference

What is the solution to this?

1. Use Reusable Tupperware!

Take your snacks or food in reusable containers rather than using disposable ones. As we are all going to the beaches with a car, it is not too difficult to bring them back home! We need to think about sustainability!

2. Take a garbage bag with you

We all have garbage bags at home. Take them with you and it would be ideal to bring the waste back home and dispose.

3. Seal the garbage bag!

If not possible to bring the waste back home to dispose, seal the bag properly and throw it away in a dumpster, so the garbages don't fly away! It gets pretty windy and you don't want our waste to travel around!

4. Monitor & Educate each other

It would be ideal to have inspectors at every beach in Qatar to monitor, educate people or even to fine them! However, this issue can happen not just in certain areas, but anywhere we go! So monitor each other and educate each other! If you see someone leaving their mess behind, speak up!

It is a very common practice to clean up as you go! There are no different groups of people who make a mess and who clean. Let's please take care of our environment! We can only make changes ourselves.