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Posted On: 20 August 2020 05:15 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:07 pm

Father, son who drowned at The Pearl - Qatar last Thursday leave behind a heart-wrenching story

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A 30-year-old Egyptian man, Hamido Mohammed, who drowned while trying to save his nine-year-old son, Youssef, who also drowned, unfortunately, in an artificial lake in The Pearl - Qatar last Thursday 9 (13 August 2020) have left behind a heart-wrenching story and a distraught wife/mother, Asma and two children, based on a news story by the Qatar Tribune.

This is the story behind that sad day when a father and son lost their lives in Doha last week.

Last Thursday Youssef requested his father, Hamido, who is a Quran teacher, to take him and his brother to The Pearl - Qatar as a reward for memorising verses from the Quran and his father happily obliged. Hamido, his wife Asma, Youssef and two other siblings went to The Pearl - Qatar to celebrate.

According to the Al Jazeera (Arabic), while playing near its fountain, Youssef slipped and fell into the artificial lake at The Pearl Qatar. He was pulled down into the water, due to the force of the suction that was being generated by the fountain's machines. When Youssef's father jumped into the water to save him, he also got pulled down, and unfortunately, both father and son lost their lives.

Image credit: Circulating on social media (e-mail [email protected] to be credited)

The news of the drowning spread all over social media in Qatar within minutes, and thousands of Egyptians, expats and Qatari's were shocked at this sad news. They offered their condolences to the family.

According to the 'Egyptian Community Group in Qatar', a Facebook group:

“It is strange that the story of Hamido was shared by those who knew him as well as those who didn’t."

Many people, who did not even know Hamido's family, personally went to offer their condolences to Asma on this sad news. One of these people told Al Jazeera (Arabic) that she was very surprised by the “constellation of people” at Asma's house.

According to a member of the Egyptian Community Group in Qatar, Hamido told his wife about a strange dream that her son, Youssef, had a few days before he drowned. In the dream, Youssef saw his Uncle who had died some time ago, and this Uncle invited Youssef to visit him. When Asma told Hamido about Youssef's dream, he, told her, he had had a similar dream.

Hamido went on to tell Asma that he felt that he would not be around for much longer. He told his wife to raise the children, after his death, with courage till they all meet up again in the afterlife. Hamido assured his wife that he was confident of her capabilities in raising the children and that everything would be just fine. He also told his wife that if something should happen to him, she should bury him in his village in Egypt near his family.

The devasted Asma has followed her husband, Hamido's last wishes and, with her two children, has taken the bodies of her husband and son to Cairo and then on to Hamido's village to bury him after a funeral was arranged at the family cemetery for them.

Did you know drowning is the leading cause of death in Qatar among children?

Check out what the Hamad Medical Corporation says about drowning in Qatar:

Quick statistics for Qatar

  • Drowning is a leading cause of death and serious disability in children in Qatar
  • 90% of cases involve children aged 10 years or under
  • 70% of those are younger than four years old
  • A child can drown in less than two minutes in as little as 5cm of water in absolute silence
  • 80% of children drown when no-one is watching them
  • 70% of swimming pool children drowning cases can be prevented by using proper fencing

Drowning in Qatar

  • Children in Qatar have drowned in swimming pools, baths, fish tanks, buckets, on building sites and in the sea.
  • Drowning is a leading cause of death and serious disability in children in Qatar.
  • The number of child deaths from drowning is rising annually.
  • The statistics show that in Qatar we could do much more to protect children from the dangers of water.

Facts you may not know about drowning

  • A child can drown in less than two minutes in as little as 5cm of water in absolute silence.
  • Because children under two years have heads proportionately heavier than the rest of their body, they can easily topple into the water.
  • The majority of drowning accidents occur in and around the home.
  • Children who receive resuscitation quickly, at the scene of the accident, have a better chance of survival​.

Please do follow the safety precautions in the following link to prevent yourself or someone else from drowning:

Cover image credit: Qatar Tribune