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Posted On: 2 February 2022 05:00 pm
Updated On: 2 February 2022 05:41 pm

Qatar community helps dog missing for 27 days reunite with owner

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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The owners were not even in the country when a pet dog named ‘Zippo’ went missing in Qatar. He was finally reunited with his owner on 2 February 2022, after a 27-day intensive search, multiple spotting across Doha, various appeals on social media by the owners, community members and well-wishers.

Qatar community comes together to reunite missing dog with owner after 27 days
Image credit: Lesche Oliver Devis

Right from the day when the news broke out that Zippo went missing, the community rose up to the occasion to help in the lookout for this dog. Lots of social media posts were shared and people went on searches to look for adorable Zippo.

The (ILQ) team got in touch with Zippo’s owner - Lesche Oliver Devis to know about what had exactly happened.

Qatar community comes together to reunite missing dog with owner after 27 days
Image credit: Lesche Oliver Devis

Lesche, who is a mother of three kids and works as a teacher in a private school in Qatar said:

On 6 January 2022, just two days, after we’d left to the US, our dog, Zippo, slipped out of the doorway when our nanny wasn’t looking. She’d searched around the compound and Zippo was nowhere to be seen. I’d then reached out to people on different social media groups and had put the word out.

The response from the community was overwhelming. Friends and strangers started to drive around the Al Waab area in search of my Zippo.

Lesche had also put out several reward messages on her social media for Zippo's safe return. An emotional Lesche continues:

On some days, we received leads that he was spotted on Salwa Road, next around Abu Hamour, Ain Khaled and also around Industrial Area. We followed every lead and went looking for him at every place.

For me, he is like my child and I did not give up on the search. There were two instances where we hadn’t gotten any leads or heard from people too.
Qatar community helps dog missing for 27 days reunite with owner
Image credit: Lesche Oliver Devis

On the 27th day (2 February 2022), Lesche gets a call from a nurse at one of the psychiatric hospitals in Qatar.

The nurse got my number from social media and called me on saying that she has Zippo with her. The nurse (named Venessa), had said that she was feeding a colony of cats when she spotted Zippo and recognized him from the appeals online. I couldn’t believe her! I’d requested for the dog's photos and to my shock – it was Zippo! As soon as I saw the photos I broke down.

I immediately rushed to the location where the nurse, along with a few other doctors were waiting for me with Zippo. Initially Zippo didn’t recognize me but once he did, he immediately started whimpering and jumping. It was so emotional for me. I then managed to get him home where my husband and nanny bathed him and took care of him.

When asked how Zippo was doing currently, Lesche said:

He is doing fine. When we brought him back, he was very thirsty and tired. I will take him to the vet and get him examined. We are so amazed that he wasn’t injured, considering he is a home dog and doesn't go out much. I have a lot to chat with Zippo about his recent adventure around Doha!

Lastly, Lesche says:

I am thankful to everyone for their efforts in helping find Zippo. I am thankful for all the positive messages, prayers, encouraging words and good vibes that people gave me, even on the days when we thought we would never be able to find him.

This heartwarming story reinstates just how amazing the community in Qatar really is. The (ILQ) team also extends its thanks to the kind-hearted people for helping find Zippo.

Cover image credit: Lesche Oliver Devis

Do you know of any other miracle story in Qatar like Zippo's? Drop us a line in the comments below and you could see it highlighted in our next Qommunity Voices!