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Posted On: 13 October 2015 04:48 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Corporate companies joined hands in the first World Smile Day event in Qatar

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Various companies such as Commercial Bank, Ezdan Holding and NBK Holding come together to share happiness to children with special needs from Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs, Doha International Center for Special Needs and Step by Step Center for Special Needs during the celebration of World Smile Day on October 5 at SFQ Sports Academy.


Initiated by Future 318 in partnership with SFQ Sports Academy, the event gave way for the special children to experience different sports games such as football, tennis and yoga. Lego Education and Monkeynastix, a challenging fitness movement education program developing physical literacy for kids ages 1-8, added fun and excitement to the event.


Mona Abdullah, Acting Chief Marketing Officer of Commercial Bank , said " At Commercial Bank, community outreach has always been our priority and supporting activity such as this demonstrate our commitment to the community. Over the last few years, we have supported several social initiatives and we will continue to do so to support Qatar's social infrastructure."

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Another platinum sponsor, Ezdan Holding, "Our participation in this event as a platinum sponsor to commemorate World Smile Day is regarded an opportunity to support and consolidate social responsibility principles that we strive to achieve as our top priorities. The event aimed at providing joy and happiness to the hearts of children with special needs in Qatar, a category we seek to integrate into society through effective initiatives and practices, they are part and parcel of our social fabric."

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12079593_911065735650570_3945885026076758364_n.jpg 12088203_10154229297121416_5111614630798631856_n.jpg 12166618_1087514987939461_1441478473_n.jpg

Abed Mawass, Group PR Manager of NBK Holding said, "At NBK, we have always been supportive of causes such as this. What made this activity unique and special is that Future 318's desire to unify various companies in bringing out smiles to children."


"The World Smile Day is part of Project Chain Reaction's campaign. We have thought of this event as we wanted to show to the community that these special children can be as normal as any kid. They just need extra attention, love and support. We wanted to give these children a reason to smile through the various sports activities that SFQ Sports Academy had prepared for them" says Conchita Ponce, Project Chairman, World Smile Day.

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SFQ Sports Academy spearheaded in carrying out the activities for the kids. All children received toys from Kiddy Zone, plus a special awarding was held at the end of the program. Kids also enjoyed special treats from Candelite, Fun Ville and Popcorn Girl.