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Posted On: 21 September 2015 06:14 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Congrats to the newly elected officers of UFOQ (United Filipino Organization in Qatar)

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UFOQ Election is over, Let's all unite, respect the newly elected officers and help us to

achieve our goal!!

Congratulations!!! to UFOQ (United Filipino Organization in Qatar)


Chairman Ed Anami,


Vice Chairman Ressie S. Fos


Secretary Delfin Montenegro


Treasurer Mirasol Reyes


United Filipino Organizations in Qatar (UFOQ) is the umbrella organization of the Philippine Embassy in Qatar. It is the federation of all Filipino Community Organizations registered and accredited with the Philippine Embassy.


The UFOQ envisions to build strong, dynamic, vibrant and active Filipino organizations that will promote and sustain social, cultural, civic and spiritual environment amongst all the overseas Filipino workers in Qatar and maintain an atmosphere of supportive brotherhood, cooperation and harmony in their community. It also envisions to create various projects beneficial to these organizations, the host country, Qatar, and reach-out to the less privileged places, communities and people in the Philippines through charitable/ humanitarian help and assistance.


The mission of the UFOQ is to create a dynamic, non-political, non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) which will propel closeness, camaraderie, brotherhood within the Filipino community in Qatar. It also strives to instill social, cultural, civic and spiritual consciousness on all its member organizations and encourage their active involvement in planning, organizing, financing and implementing worthy projects in Qatar as well as in selected/designated project areas in the Philippines.

In order to carry out this Mission, the Organization shall:

1. Conduct a regular monthly meeting of its elected officers, regular bi-monthly meeting of the Council and a quarterly meeting of all its organization members in order to discuss, assess, evaluate monitor the current status of the UFOQ and its member organizations, and discuss short and long term plans, objectives and projects.

2. Encourage active participation, involvement and commitment of its organization members to work hand in hand and side by side on any agreed projects and programs.

3. Motivate its leaders and organization members to come up with ideas, suggestions and recommendations on how to deliver basic quality services to their general membership as well as to the less privileged Filipinos in the Philippines (e.g., health and safety awareness, hygiene and sanitation, environmental protection, etc.).

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Organization are intended for the welfare and well-being of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and the UFOQ organization members and shall be, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Organize a structure that would establish harmonious and productive relationships among Philippine Embassy accredited Filipino organization members.

2. Disseminate authentic news and foster development in the Filipino community here in Qatar and in the Philippines through meetings, social affairs and gatherings and through information technology on regular basis in order to be abreast of current events and trends.

3. Liaise with other Filipino organizations from other parts of the world and explore the possibilities of what, how, when and where other major socio-civic projects could be jointly planned, organized, managed, financed and carried out in Qatar and in the Philippines.

4. Conduct free lectures/seminars, teach-ins in various fields of importance that will be beneficial to OFWs such as gaining knowledge and improving skills in order to uplift their status in life and ensure them better future.

5. Extend assistance, whenever possible, to orphanages, leprosarium, and drug rehabilitation centers, or housing programs and other socio-civic projects and programs in the Philippines as well as to distressed OFWs in Qatar.

6. Help promote the Filipino community in Qatar by means of endorsing Filipino native products, foodstuff and cuisine, introduce folk arts and native dances during special civic, social or religious events such as, on the occasion of the Philippine Independence celebration, Christmas Mesa de Gallo, Christmas caroling and similar event(s), which also will promote tourism and encourage investors.

7. Develop a more unified activity from among the various sectors in the Filipino Community in Qatar like sports, regional groups, professional organizations, and religious groups in order to bring the Filipino community members closer, thus fostering harmonious and productive relationships.

8. Collaborate with the Philippine Embassy in Doha to plan for any contingencies that may affect the Filipino community such as, emergency evacuations.

9. Collaborate and assist in the conduct of the yearly Independence Day celebration in Qatar to make the event a more memorable and enjoyable experience for Filipino expatriates in Qatar.

10. Arrange the holding of dialogues with the relevant Philippine government entities to resolve issues and concerns of OFWs and thus help improve their work and living conditions in Qatar.