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Posted On: 25 July 2019 07:00 am
Updated On: 24 July 2019 10:20 pm

Cinema etiquette in Qatar - have you ever been annoyed by fellow viewers?

Leena Chung
Leena Chung
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We all love to watch movies! Many of us wait and count the days for the new ones to arrive in Qatar with full of excitement! Nothing is better than watching it on a big giant screen with stereo sound in the movie theatres, but have you ever been disturbed or annoyed by fellow cinema-goers?

Here are some of the etiquettes to keep in mind:

1. Keep your phone switched off or put on a vibration mode

    It seems to be a basic manner, but we often hear many different ring tones during our movie time. I’ve witnessed the same person’s phone constantly ringing throughout the whole entire movie. Why? Why don’t you just mute it?

    2. Please go outside to answer the phone

      “Hello? Hi, I am at the cinema watching AVENGERS! Man, it’s so awesome. What’s up?”...... and his phone conversation goes on and on. I’ve learned so much about this stranger’s personal life and business. That’s not what I am here for!

      3. Dim down your mobile brightness

        Many of us have urgent replies to make over the WhatsApp and this is totally understandable. However, have you ever been disturbed by a super bright phone screen of a person sitting in front of you? It’s brighter than the movie screen and all I can see is his mobile flashing like a laser show.

        4. Avoid chitchatting with your companions

          WHOA! Is that Tom Holland? Well, clearly we all can see him on the screen. How about we wait until the end of the movie to start the debate? You have not finished the movie yet, so why not to watch first? Also, sorry but some people just don’t know how to whisper. Shhhhhh!!!

          5. Move on!

            Obviously, we will laugh out loud and get freaked out together in certain scenes. This is the beauty of the movies! Unfortunately, we often miss the next scene by the noise of the others who seem to have difficulties moving on. Life goes on.

            6. Noisy eating

              When we smell popcorns, we ultimately think of the movies! How can we not have popcorns or nachos at the cinemas? Movie snacks are great to have but noisy eating can trigger a lot of people. Have you ever sat next to a person who has a loud chewing sound? All you can do is to bear and wish for him to finish his bucket as early as possible... and the moment when you thought he had finished his popcorn but he starts eating again...

              7. Don't kick the seat in front of you or shake your legs

              Sometimes, we kick the chair in front of us to cross leg to the other side or unconsciously shake legs. This can annoy others as we are not sitting on a massage chair.

              8. Come on time and don't flash on!

              I am sure everyone tries their best to be on time but things happen. I personally don't really mind people trying to pass by to get to their seats, but what really annoys me is the flashlight looking for the seat. It would be nice to keep it down, not on people's faces.

              Obviously, these happen in many other countries not just in Qatar. We just thought it would be nice to remind community members so we can all brush up on our cinema etiquette and let others enjoy the experience, too.

              Have you encountered different disturbances at the movie theaters? Leave your comments below! Also, don't forget to give us a like and share—you know it keeps us going!