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Posted On: 9 June 2016 01:57 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

A new entrepreneur's guide in Qatar

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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The world is now running at a pace where new ideas are being developed by the day. From the vague topics to the ones that hit home, entrepreneurship knows no boundaries. Therefore, we thought about all the places you could go to in order to get your idea out there to the people who can help you and get yourself the right type of advice as well as the funding your project needs. Here is our list of companies that you need to check out if you believe in yourself and your ideas.



Keeping in mind the 2030 Qatar National Vision, the Al Sraiya Holding Group has committed themselves to encouraging and supporting the youth in order to get the best ideas out there. Their CSR initiative empowers the community in the ideal way as it financially supports the geniuses of tomorrow to get in front and give it their best. The notion of the campaign is to give the youth a chance to get inventive and showcase their ideas to the Al Sraiya Golding Group and be unique enough to get funded and reach their goals


Qatar Business Incubator Center

QBIC empowers our youth to be heard from the beginning till the end. The team is inspired enough to go through the development, incubation, connection and investment of the project just to make sure that the essence of innovation is as practical as it could be. The team is devoted to the entrepreneurs with their high-end services that lead the next generation to become the heroes. Even if you have already starting your business and want to oomph it up on the way, QBIC is the one to go to and ask for all the help you could need


The Social Development Center

The Social Development Center believes in influencing the community to go forth with the help of training and a support system. From guidance programs to career training programs, SDC also gives interest free loans to those in need. Believing in giving the community knowledge before anything, their Professional Training and Development Division is a programs that prepares the entrepreneur in your for tomorrow. Making their people prepared for the labor market environments out there with access to their loans, you can see how SDC is giving back to its community.


Roudha Center

All hail the people who are behind the Roudha Center. A place that is solely dedicated to women entrepreneurs; Roudha center is an innovation hub for the ladies. Providing the needed help for new and existing businesses, Roudha provides legal and training services, financial help, business advice, mentors and coaches to have you settles along with incubational assistance to empower the women in the country. With that, they offer internships in international, regional and domestic enterprises with a wide-ranged plan that prepares the entrepreneur of tomorrow.


Center of Entrepreneurship

Qatar University’s own program of CFE is an initiate that gives a boost to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. CFE aims to go through the process of training, incubating, research and consultation as they prepare their very own to excel in the real world. This option is especially for the QU students, staff and alumni to give them yet another top up of being with the QU family. With this, they also deliver tailor-made training programs to polish every individual potential and transform them into the heroes of tomorrow

If you know of any programs that we need to hear about, send us a tip!