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Posted On: 30 March 2016 12:31 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

9 most eye-catching skyscrapers in the West Bay area!

Noor Odeh
Noor Odeh
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Written and Photos By: Noor Odeh

Reporting of Noor Odeh and Hanna A.

Ever wonder what the skyscrapers in the West Bay area are? You probably always pass by them when you are stuck in traffic or when you go for a stroll on the corniche. Well, ILQ is finally breakdown the details of these beautiful buildings.

Palm Towers:


Palm Towers is where Monoprix French supermarché (supermarket in French) is located. It has 57 floors, inclusive of business offices and apartments. The embassy of Sweden is located there as well and so is ILQ's headquarters - thus all sorts of awesomeness is enclosed within it's walls ;)

Tornado Tower:


One of the most beautiful skyscrapers in West Bay area, particularly at night, is the Tornado tower. It has 52 floors, with a high tech elevator system. It has many business offices including HEC Paris and the Canadian embassy. Following the architecture of the High Rise Tower, the Tornado Tower is structured in x-shape steel welded together.

High Rise Doha Tower:


The French architect Jean Nouvel designed this tower. It was opened in 2004. It is very unique since it is the first skyscraper in Qatar to have concrete dia-grid columns that forms x shapes put together. It has been given multiple names over the years. It started with the High Rise Office Building, then there were names like Burj Doha Tower, and at one point it was named China Tower. Now, its latest name is High Rise Doha Tower.

Qatar Olympic Committee (the tall building in the middle):


Qatar is a country that likes to promote health, sports, and fitness. The Qatar Olympic Committee is dedicated to helping the community participate in sports and motivate people in getting active in sports-related activities.



You know all of the buildings, roads, and construction going around in the country? Well, Ashghal is responsible for governing the roads, drainage, and buildings such as schools and hospitals.

Kahramaa: Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation:


This is the company behind your water and electricity networks.

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT Qatar):


The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is the place where people regulate what information and databases can be accessed in Qatar. They also care for the safety of people, particularly in terms of getting bullied on social media platforms.



MAERSK is one of the biggest companies around the world that was established in 1962 that ship and operate oil and gas supply from one place to another. It branched in Qatar in 1992.



This is one of the companies who you should be thanking for providing the energy for your vehicles. Woqod has been in charge of providing diesel, gas, and aviation fuel in Qatar. From filling up gas to washing the rims of the tires, Woqod has covered vehicular services since 2002.