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Posted On: 30 December 2015 02:34 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

8.5pc growth in Qatar’s population

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Thanks to a slew of infrastructure development work going on in the country, the inflow of foreign workers continues at a stable pace. The inflow ensures that Qatar’s population keeps going up. By the end of last month, the number of people in the country were more than 2.46 million.

Population registered an annual increase of an impressive 8.5 per cent in November this year as it breached the 2.46 million-mark.

The population a year earlier — in November 2014 — was a little over 2.27 million, according to figures released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics. In the 11 months, from January to November-end this year, 22,927 births were registered in the country which worked out to 8.7 people added to every 1,000 people of the population in the country.

The number of people who died in the 11 months of this year was 2,102, said the Ministry in its 23rd Monthly Bulletin issued for November 2015.

The Ministry began issuing Monthly bulletins in January of last year. The m=Ministry said that in the month of November this year the total number of beneficiaries of the social insurance scheme (Qatari retirees) was 12,244, up marginally from 12, 216 a month earlier, that is, in October this year.

Tourist inflow has been increasing into the country. The annual increase until last November was 4.2 percent. Of the total number of tourists who arrived in the country in the 11 months, between January and November, a majority, or 44.2 percent, were from the neighboring GCC countries, said the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

The number of vehicles that were registered in the country last November totaled 10,982 which was 11.9 percent more than the number of vehicles that were registered a month earlier, in October of 2015. The figure in October was 9,812.

A total of 1,34,107 traffic violations were registered last November which was 11.8 percent less than the number of violations that were registered in the previous month of October 2015, said the Ministry in its November Bulletin.