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Posted On: 12 October 2017 12:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:59 pm

5 ways you can give back to Qatar’s community

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By Amelia Miller

All images for illustrative purposes only. Photo credits: iStock by Getty Images

We never need a reason to be kind. However, with recent events both in the region and across the world, now is the time we need to stand with one another more than ever. There are plenty of small ways we can incorporate kindness into our daily lives without really having to think about it and, by doing so, we do our part to help the wider community here in Qatar.

Here are 5 ways you can give back to your community without even realizing you’re doing so:

1. When you go to fill your car up with gas, while you wait, go inside the shop get a QR 2 bottle of orange juice the (coldest one you can find) and give it to the lovely man who has been working outside all day filling up cars just like yours with gas. Your car will be full when you return and you’ve used the time wisely to provide a refreshing cold drink to somebody who otherwise would not have had one. Why orange juice? Well, after years of asking, I’ve come to find it’s the drink of choice for these wonderful workers.

2. Car-parks are uncomfortably hot – especially in summer – so spare a thought for the men who work all day and night in them washing cars. If you’ve been to Carrefour or any other supermarket here in Qatar, or, if you’re leaving work for the day, getting a bottle of water to give to these men won’t cost you more than a few riyals, but the smile you’ll get after they receive it will be one that will make the rest of your day. If you really want to go the extra mile, (especially in the summer months), a packet of ice lollies shared around to all the car wash attendants will truly have you feeling humble.

3. If you ever want to see just how much of a difference QR 10 can make to somebody, the next time you’re in Carrefour and you see a blue-collar worker buying food/drinks, offer to buy it for them, and offer to buy them anything they wish for lunch/dinner from the supermarket. Yes, initially they may be confused, shy, and/or shocked, but they’ll warm to your genuineness and, when they walk off with a bottle of 7Up, milk, and biscuits they didn’t have to pay for, with smiles from ear to ear, I assure you that feeling will be amazing for you also.

With such low wages and pressure to send money home, these workers survive on minimal money. For most, QR 10 may seem minimal – a medium bottle of fizzy drink, milk, and biscuits are everyday items. But to these workers they may be considered simple pleasures or luxuries they perhaps can’t always afford on a daily basis. They’re working tirelessly to build our beautiful country, lets help show them some thanks, some kindness, and the true spirit of this brilliant community in Qatar.

4. Have you ever gone through a drive-thru or ordered fast food and not wanted a item…but it works out to a better value to get the meal?

Next time, ask for the unwanted item in a separate bag, look around the car park or gas station and you’ll most likely see a taxi or truck driver who hasn’t eaten in many hours. Go over with your bag (obviously untouched for health and hygiene reasons) and ask if they would like it.

This is something that actually is saving you money, while helping out fellow community members. You never know – that unwanted food item could be that person’s dinner for the night. Imagine if you didn’t think to give it to them…

5. Most importantly, take a step back and ask people if they’re okay or need help. We’re all living in this amazing, beautiful country together. Some of us are lucky to be paid well, some not. However, we’re all humans trying to do the best we can to provide for our families and create a beautiful community. There are many faces that make up this wonderful community in Qatar and each one of us can do small things that make a huge difference.

Be kind, say hello, speak to your taxi driver, hold that door open for somebody, help that person struggling with bags…just smile at people more and, most of all, if you see somebody needing help, stop and ask if they’re ok and if you can assist them.

Making one person smile doesn’t change the world, but it changes their world, and that’s the best place to start. In a world where everybody is showing such undue hate towards Qatar, let’s show them how we overcome it by showing kindness to each other.

What small acts of kindness do you practice in your daily life? Drop us a line and let us know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to give us a like and a share – it keeps us going!