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Posted On: 14 September 2015 02:57 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Vodafone QaTAR launches their first GRI Sustainability Report

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To mark the launch of their first Sustainability Report, Vodafone Qatar held an event, under its CSR Majlis programme, that brought together CSR and sustainability peers and experts who discussed the opportunities and trends in the sustainability reporting space in Qatar and shared best practices.

Vodafone’s inaugural corporate sustainability report covers the Company’s activities during the 2014 calendar year and follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) principles of sustainability context, stakeholder inclusiveness and materiality analysis. The report reflects Vodafone’s consideration of issues important to their stakeholders, including customers, employees, governments, regulators and communities where they operate, suppliers, their lenders and bondholders, and their equity investment partners.

“Vodafone Qatar’s ambition is to enable sustainable living for all through operating ethically and responsibly, delivering positive change using our technology, and to contribute to community development in Qatar and around the world. We hope our first Sustainability Report will serve to encourage dialogues between Vodafone Qatar’s Sustainability team and our stakeholders,” said Ms Dana Haidan, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Vodafone Qatar.

Vodafone named Sustainable Square as the Knowledge Partner for the event. Mr. Monaem Ben Lellahom, Founding Partner of Sustainable Square, gave an overview of the evolution of sustainability reporting and why it’s important to companies today.

"Sustainability reporting has become a strategic business value - adding proposition for brands today. By going through the process, companies get a better understanding of what their relevant issues are. It illustrates how brands are creating value overtime, serves as a differentiator in competitive industries and fosters investor confidence and trust," said Mr. Monaem Ben Lellahom

KPMG, who are experts on sustainability reporting around the world were also present at the event. Mr Kal Krishnan Subramanian, Senior Manager, Global Citizenship & Diversity at KPMG International shared some case studies on sustainability reporting in Qatar and the region addressing the challenges and opportunities.

“Environmental and social performance reporting (non-financial indicators) is increasingly becoming standard practice in business around the world. In a survey KPMG conducted, we found that almost three quarters of the top companies across over 40 countries now issue corporate responsibility or sustainability reports. That figure rises to 93 percent among the world’s largest 250 companies and we see this trend being led by Qatar and UAE in the region.”

Vodafone CSR Majlis programme aims to provide an open platform that facilitates dialogue and knowledge sharing between peers representing both the public and private sectors of Qatar. Vodafone will hold a CSR Majlis, with different themes, on a regular basis to connect the leaders of this field and bring them together to explore ways of collaborations and mutual support.

Vodafone Qatar’s sustainability report is available on