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Posted On: 4 December 2014 03:50 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:52 pm

Vodafone helps Qatar University students discover their careers in engineering

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Vodafone Qatar recently held an event for the students of Qatar University to help shed the light on what their careers would potentially look like in the field of engineering.

The event, entitled Discover Your Career In Engineering, was organised over two consecutive days covering both the female and male students campus where Vodafone Technology and Qatarisation teams met with the students and spoke to them about how they can evolve their careers and become real human capital assets wherever they are.

The Vodafone team also shared personal experiences within the professional workplace where Technology engineering plays a major role and is essentially the backbone of a global telecom operator.

Ramy Boctor, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Qatar, said: “Engineering and technology lie at the core of a successful telecom provider anywhere in the world and at Vodafone Qatar, our field plays a crucial role in ensuring first-class ICT infrastructure. Therefore, it is essential to have on-board highly talented professionals with extensive experience in this space. Besides, owing to the importance of engineering across a number of industries, we have decided to reach out to those students who are considering now majoring in the field to help guide them through what this would mean to them in the future.”

“Our networks infrastructure in Qatar is one of the most successful green field projects for Vodafone Group over the past 15 years and this by itself, together with our global track record, is a great case study to share with the future engineers of Qatar University.” Boctor added.

Haifa al Malki, Qatarisation Manager for Vodafone Qatar stated that “the event provided an excellent opportunity for Vodafone’s engineers to get to know the next generation of Qatari engineers. Experienced engineers explained their career journeys, detailed how engineering plays a critical part in telecommunications, and how proud they are to work for a global company. It is through this personal interaction that the next generation of Nationals becomes the inspired engineers of tomorrow.”