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Posted On: 1 August 2018 04:59 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

Tips on how to give a successful interview in Qatar

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If you’ve just landed an interview with a potential employer in Qatar that means you are close to actually getting the job…or not! How you conduct yourself in the interview, the impression you make and the answers you give will help determine whether you actually get that job or not.

But, that’s not all. There are other factors involved in getting (or not getting) the job based on the interview. So, let’s talk about the tips you should follow to ensure your interview is successful and you land that job!

1. Do your research

It’s important that you do research about the company you have applied to so that you have an understanding of what they do, who their competitors are, unique selling propositions that make the company who they are, their goals, where they fit in their industry, exactly how you will fit in with the company and the requirements of the job.

prepare for successful interview

By researching into the company, you will be in a better position to understand exactly what the company does and you will be more confident when answering questions showing the employer how your experience and qualifications fit in with the company and job requirements.

2. Do dress right

Your dressing up says a lot about you and is probably the first thing the employer will notice. Make sure you are dressed for success. If your normal dress sense is casual, this is not the time to show that off. Pick something from your wardrobe (if you don’t have anything that is appropriate for an interview, you may have to buy something), that is smart, looks professional and will not make you look out of place at the company that is interviewing you.

Whatever you choose to wear should be comfortable; if you look or feel uncomfortable, you won’t be able to focus and your interviewer may pick up on it.

dress for success

Do not forget to iron your clothes properly and polish your shoes. Make sure your nails are clean and cut neatly. Do not wear too much jewellery or too many accessories. Make your hair neatly and try not to eat or smoke till after the interview. Though you should smell nice, do not splash on too much perfume or aftershave.

3. Do keep a resume copy with you

Make sure you always take a copy of your resume with you, possibly kept neatly in a folder, in case it is needed. A pen and a little notebook are also good things to keep with you in case you need to take notes.

4. Do make a good first impression

successful interview tips handshake

First impressions are very important and don’t just end at what you’re wearing. Your mannerisms – from the way you dress to the expressions on your face, from the time you arrive for the interview to the way you greet the interviewer, from your body language to the way you make eye contact, from your attitude to your posture - are important to make a good first impression and can actually help the interviewer decide whether you are the right person for the job or not.

Also, please switch off your mobile phone or keep it on silent. The last thing you want is for your mobile phone to go off in the middle of the interview and throw you off track.

5. Do tell the truth

The interviewer may ask you all sorts of questions ranging from your qualifications to your previous work experience, from your achievements to your failures, from your professional life to personal questions, as there is no fixed question and answer routine or technique; it entirely depends on the person conducting the interview. Just remember to be confident when answering questions; be honest and genuine. Lies are usually detected and will put you across as a dishonest person. This will do you more harm than good, so always be truthful and answer all questions honestly. If there is something you don’t know, it’s best to say so, rather than being untruthful.

6. Do sell your skills/abilities

The best way to sell your skills and abilities to a potential employer is to be prepared with answers for questions you think they may ask. Since you know you can do the job, it’s important that you demonstrate this through your answers so the interviewer can see that, too.

successful interview tips

Remember this interview is your chance to sell yourself and showcase your abilities to the company so they think you are the perfect candidate to hire for the job. For this, it is important to prepare yourself beforehand, know your resume inside out and have relevant examples stored in your memory bank that you can cash when needed.

7. Do give relevant examples

Often potential employers ask behavioural questions which are designed in a way that you must give an answer with relevant examples from previous work experiences based on how you may have dealt with a particularly tough situation, what you did to solve a problem that may have arisen with a colleague, and so on and so forth. These type of questions and the answers you give will help the person conducting the interview evaluate whether you will fit in with the company, if you can work under pressure and how you will handle different situations that may arise in the future.

There is no way to truly prepare for these type of questions as you don’t know what kind of questions the interviewer will ask. However, you can make a list of questions before the interview you think may be asked and remember examples of how you dealt with certain situations in the past, so you are better prepared.

There are also resources available on the net about behavioural interview questions and tips that may be helpful.

8. Do ask questions

It’s not just up to the interviewer to ask questions. You can also ask questions relevant to the job requirements, what is expected of you, what the company can do for you, etc.

tips for a successful interview

More often than not, today, potential employers appreciate candidates who ask questions as it shows they are interested, serious and keen about the job.

Do thank the interviewer

When your interview has finished, do remember to thank the interviewer personally through e-mail as soon as possible, preferably on the same day. This always leaves a good impression and even if you don’t land a particular job, perhaps the interviewer will keep you in mind for any future roles that fit your skills and experience.


Just because you may not always land that job you interviewed for, never give up. Each and every interview is a learning experience and will make you better prepared for the next one. Keep these tips in mind and, sooner or later, you will succeed and get that job.

Did you find these interview tips helpful? How many of these tips do you follow when you go for an interview? Do you have any more tips we can add? Do let us know what you think in our comments section. Like and share the article – it keeps us going!