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Posted On: 19 June 2022 03:46 pm
Updated On: 22 June 2022 04:19 pm

talabat relaunches multiple initiatives to support riders during summer

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Talabat relaunches initiatives support riders summer

talabat, the region’s leading local tech platform has announced the launch of a number of seasonal initiatives to support riders during the hot summer months. The introduction of Rider summer kits, waiting areas at restaurants, and rest stops, in line with the company’s commitment to enhance rider well-being and safety.

Throughout the summer season, talabat will be running a number of rider well-being initiatives such as riders’ summer kits, specially designed cooling vests, indoor air-conditioned vendor waiting areas, and city-wide rider rest stops where water is provided.

talabat’s highly optimized tech plays an equally important role in ensuring that riders take the most efficient and safest routes when delivering - hence traveling much shorter distances throughout the whole day. By improving its back-end technology and using real-time data to ensure riders take the best routes available, talabat also ensures that waiting time is minimized. In addition, riders have the option to be flexible with their work schedules and take breaks when they want or need to - allowing them to work at their own pace.

Commenting on the announcement, Francisco de Sousa, Managing Director of talabat Qatar, said “At talabat, we have immense respect and gratitude for the hard work that riders do, and our number one priority is their safety and comfort at all times”.

“Summer can be challenging due to rising temperatures, and we always work ahead to prepare and support riders on the talabat platform. Equipping them with special gear as well as giving them the opportunity to work at their own pace and take breaks whenever possible and needed." added De Sousa.

However, the company also encourages everyone to make way for riders on the road as well as show their appreciation when receiving their orders by providing water.

Summer Kits

To help lessen the effects of the heat during the summer months and to keep riders using the talabat platform comfortable, the company will be providing special summer kits (cooling towels, water bottles, specially designed cooling vests) to help them stay cool during the day. The cooling vests, when used properly could help in keeping the body temperature cool for up to 10 hours

Waiting Areas

In partnership with restaurant partners, designated waiting areas are being introduced, providing riders with indoor, air-conditioned seating areas where they can rest, cool down, and refill their water bottles while waiting to pick up an order.

Rest Stops

Another initiative is the set-up of rest stops for riders, providing them with special lounge areas located across the city, where they can take their lunch break, refill their water bottles and interact with each other. Additionally, riders will be able to refresh their cooling vests at the rest stop, which will help them throughout the rest of the day.

Consumers can now download talabat on the iOS App Store, Google Playstore or Huawei App Gallery.

Source and cover image credit: Press release