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Posted On: 1 August 2022 01:57 pm
Updated On: 1 August 2022 02:09 pm

talabat Mart is leading the q-commerce sector in Qatar

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Talabat mart leading q commerce sector qatar

talabat mart is talabat’s quick commerce grocery solution to provide customers with their grocery essentials in a fast and reliable manner, exclusively available online only through the talabat application and delivering orders in 30 minutes or less. This q-commerce solution allows customers to receive their grocery essentials in a shorter period of time, by having centralized grocery hubs (also known as dark stores) that are strategically placed in different areas and are solely dedicated to fulfilling grocery orders.

Since its initial 2020 launch in Qatar during the Covid-19 pandemic, talabat Mart has significantly expanded its operations, now offering a selection of more than 4,500 products delivered from seven dark stores to customers all over the country. Providing consumers with a highly convenient, yet affordable and hassle-free 24/7 experience.

Carla Ferreira, talabat Mart Qatar General Manager:

“We continuously aim to provide a great customer experience for everyone using our application in Qatar, by reliably delivering essential necessities in 30 minutes or less. We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and will continue to offer them the ultimate convenience from the comfort of their homes.”

The talabat mart stores are located in several regions across Qatar including: West Bay, Lusail, Muntazah, Umm Salal, Al Rayyan, Wakra and Al Khor. talabat mart features a wide variety of premium quality fruits & vegetables at competitive price, and highly supports local farms which have increased their production significantly in the last couple of years. More than a quarter of orders come from fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, dairy and many more.

Variety of products

In addition to offering fresh produce and basic grocery daily needs, talabat Mart also carries a number of newly introduced special products which include: gluten free products, female & male grooming products, home & linen essentials, kitchen & BBQ utensils, kids toys, games & swimming accessories, wide range of baby products, as well as office electronics and small appliances.

Reliable delivery

talabat Mart ensures efficient and reliable delivery by using store management tech solutions to provide real time visibility throughout the process. This results in customers getting the products they need, whenever they want, and without the need for any modifications or substitutions to items in their orders. Additionally, optimized inventory management in each of the stores means that talabat Mart offers assorted items specifically catered to the needs of customers located in the same area as the store - ensuring that any and all of their necessities are available, at any given time.

Innovative technology

Capitalizing on talabat’s innovative tech, and making sure stores are located in the right place and time to have the greatest impact, enables pickers to prepare orders in less than three minutes on average. Through the massive local investments in technology, talabat mart has since become a fast and reliable option in the market.

Additionally, talabat’s grocery dedicated product & tech team are constantly innovating and testing to find new ways to bring customers more relevance and help them source products faster. By utilizing its technology to better understand how customers shop, as well as working with global household names to retrieve valuable insights, talabat Mart helps answer customers’ every need.

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Source and cover image credit: Press release