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Posted On: 15 January 2023 03:52 pm
Updated On: 15 January 2023 04:10 pm

talabat customers donated over $3.3 million via virtual charities in 2022

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Talabat customers donated 3 million virtual charities 2022

Last year, talabat announced its biggest partnership to date by announcing Cristiano Ronaldo, five-time Ballon D’or winner and one of the most recognizable sporting icons on the planet, as its official Brand Ambassador during the biggest year of football in the MENA region’s history. Having Ronaldo, the highest all-time international goal scorer who played (and scored) for the fifth time in the world’s largest football competition, marked 2022 as an exciting year for the tech leader. As the year drew to an end, talabat, the region’s leading local tech platform recaps 2022, highlighting multiple customer ordering trends, donations and rider initiatives across the region.

Taking a look back at what people ordered

In 2022, eating healthier has been a priority for people across the region, and numbers show that salads were ordered over 10 million times on the talabat app! However, people also still ordered and enjoyed a burger with potato wedges and a soft drink later in the evening hours.

When it comes to talabat Mart, the company’s Q-commerce grocery offering, customers' top three favorite items to order were chips, snacks, and water last year. However, eating healthy also prevailed with bananas continuing to conquer all in 2022 as the most popular fruit three years in a row, with over a million orders delivered - and one customer ordering 21 kilos alone!

Utilizing #Tech4Good to support communities

Throughout 2022, talabat continued to grow within the #Tech4Good space, facilitating over $3.3 million in customer donations to 33 virtual charities across six markets. Additionally, talabat was the biggest contributor to its parent company Delivery Hero’s 10 million meals milestone - with over 4.6 million meals donated by talabat alone. talabat’s achievement is part of Delivery Hero's global food donation program to fight world hunger, including a flagship partnership with the World Food Program’s ShareTheMeal initiative.

Customers were incredibly generous in giving back to their community, with one customer donating over 450 times in 2022 (an average of 1.5 times a day!), and the most generous day of the year being July 8th, the first day of Eid Al Adha, where talabat facilitated over $130,000 of donations from customers in one single day!

As part of its commitment to bringing a positive impact, talabat launched multiple initiatives to support communities in need, fight hunger and take action against climate change.

In 2022, the company contributed to Delivery Hero’s carbon footprint report for the first time - which we believe is a first in our industry in the region, and we participated in COP27, the global conference uniting countries, NGOs and private companies towards collaboratively driving the climate change agenda. At the conference, talabat highlighted its climate action strategy and commitment towards sustainability.

The true heroes of 2022

talabat continuously prioritizes the safety of riders who use the platform, and as part of this commitment multiple initiatives were launched across the region. One of those was ‘Road Safety Week’, a regional quarterly initiative, during which several on-ground interactive sessions were hosted with dedicated talabat patrollers and fleet captains, and in collaboration with local traffic authorities, universities, medical institutions and government entities.

talabat also took several further steps towards the safety and well-being of riders during the warmer months. Through the company’s summer initiatives, riders were equipped with cooling summer gear, and 48 rider buses and 31 shaded waiting areas were launched across the region, offering riders an air-conditioned and shaded space to spend their breaks in - which saw over 200,000 visits recorded in the summer.

In addition, talabat’s restaurant partners supported the initiative and launched nearly 4,000 indoor waiting areas for riders picking up orders across the region. Lastly, customers made the best use of talabat’s in-app rider tipping feature this year, with one generous customer tipping one rider more than $290 for their dedicated work!

These include some of talabat’s most notable initiatives throughout the year, as the company continuously aims to play an integral role in bringing a positive impact to the communities it is part of, and bring customers innovative tech for their everyday life.

Source and cover image credit: Press Release