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Posted On: 20 December 2018 12:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:02 pm

Startup of the Week: Q Time, a cafe dedicated to Qatar, features a 'heaven in every bite' menu!

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Every Thursday, ILQ features a different Qatari startup in our ‘Startup of the Week’ segment. Qatar has some of the most creative, unique, and impactful startups in the region, and we cover them all across a variety of industries in Doha—from fashion and beauty, to food and dining, health, education, technology, and more!

This week, we're stuffing the buns on Q Time—a cafe wholeheartedly dedicated to Qatar!

Their first branch was formally opened November 1st of the current year and while Q Time's maiden spot is tinier than most of its fellows (as they specialise more on take-away services), the cafe's early customers are abuzz on social media on how they can't get enough of the barely 2-month-old food spot's heavenly menu which features a wide array of choices including burgers, broasted chicken, sandwiches, mojito drinks, karak, and their bestselling chapatis—which they serve in 15 different ways.

Q Time Cafe Qatar

In an exclusive word with ILQ, Q Time branch manager spilled the beans by saying that the 'Q' in the cafe's name stands for Qatar. "Our aim is to make Q Time the cafe that will proudly represent Qatar in an international level, however and whenever that might be."

He continued by saying: "Qatar is a land of foodies from all around the world and most of them visit each and every newly-opened restaurant in search for the two best things—burger and karak."

He's pumped up to share that Q Time is a standout among the rest because they make some of the most in-demand burgers in town especially with the cafe's signature 'Apple Burger' leading the pack.

Filipina food blogger @_anneinwonderland_ shared what she thinks of Q Times' Apple Burger:

"Q Time's stunner—the Apple Burger—was one of the best I've ever had! Its soft buns and mouthwatering cheese perfectly complemented the juicy beef patty tucked in between the fresh onion and tomatoes. What a feast!"
Q Time Cafe Qatar

Apart from burgers, Q Time also lists juicy broasted chicken and sugarcane juice as two of their frontrunners. "Despite our fresh approach on the massive food industry here in Qatar, we're surprised to receive very impressive reviews from our early customers. They love our red burgers especially the QR 14-worth broasted chicken (for 4 pieces) which according to them is "sinfully juicy" in every bite," the branch manager shared.

Another foodie, @amazingpinay, shared her Q Time review on Instagram:

"A 30-minute drive away from Doha is definitely worth it when dropping by at @qtimeqatar. Despite not having a spacious interior, the cafe's food items are to die for! My top choices are Q Time signatures including their Apple Burger and Broasted Chicken—which is a must-try! As you dig in, its crust cracks audibly and reveals the juiciness that is as flavorful as what's promised!"
Q Time Cafe Qatar

The proud Q Time representative concluded the encounter by sharing a fact, which according to him, makes Q Time extra special: "I've mentioned during the earlier part of this interview that our cafe is purely made for Qatar and it's people that's why as much as we could, we don't use ingredients which aren't made locally."

Q Time Cafe is located in Al Shafi Street, New Rayyan. They're open 24/7 and if you want to know more about them and the services that they offer, then make sure to check out their social media links and contact number below!

Q Time Cafe Qatar

About Q Time Cafe Qatar

Contact number: (+974) 7000 8141

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