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Posted On: 28 June 2018 03:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

Startup of the Week: Al-Nahhla makes it easier for Doha-based businesses to reach more customers!

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Every Thursday, ILQ features a different Qatari startup in our ‘Startup of the Week’ segment. Qatar has some of the most creative, unique, and impactful startups in the region, and we cover them all across a variety of industries in Doha—from fashion and beauty, to food and dining, health, education, and more!

This week, we're revving the engine for Al-Nahhla Delivery, an innovative delivery company in Qatar serving online platform, restaurants and retailers with the aim of empowering Doha-based businesses to reach more customers, grow sales and consolidate market position.

Speaking to its founder and Managing Director Mohamed Abdelazeez Hussain, he said that as a Qatari company, they deeply understand people's busy lifestyles thus convincing them to seek delivery services with Al-Nahhla. "There's a huge demand to meet our customers' expectations, that's why we had to train ourselves to look in every detail of the delivery experience," he added.

Al-Nahhla Delivery Qatar

The delivery industry in Qatar is considered as a fragmented market with no major/reliable player. As a result, businesses are forced to establish their own delivery system. However, the dependency of major business segments such as E-commerce, food & beverage (F&B), and retailers is huge.

Since Al-Nahhla's inception in 2016 with the target to connect businesses with customers, it has grown its client basis exponentially with an average growth rate of 150% yearly. Today, Al Nahhla currently operates a fleet of 80 delivery vehicles scattered all over Doha and is targeting to reach 260 vehicles by the end of 2018.

Mohamed's experience as an Engineering Manager for Qatar Airways made him establish Al-Nahhla. His goal on making the small delivery company possible is to empower businesses, to raise the bar in delivery expectation, and to create a leading delivery company in the region.

"We are committed to provide our clients with reliable and cost effective service. And to meet their expectations, we have been continuously developing our knowledge, technologies and methods of delivering excellence service," Mohamed noted.

Al-Nahhla Delivery Qatar

Mohamed mentioned customer satisfaction as Al-Nahhla's core value. Having so enabled them to gain the trust of major players in the market such as Talabat and a few others. He is also happy to share that his staff are fully-equipped with company customized maps and GPS, accomplishing a high rate of On-Time Delivery for Al-Nahhla.

When asked about the Qatar Business Incubation Center's (QBIC) role in making Al Nahhla what it is right now, Mohammed said that QBIC assisted them in developing Al-Nahhla's business model, understanding the market's need through coaching and advices, and connecting them to business communities (locally and abroad).

"For young entrepreneurs out there who are seeking to open up startups of their own in the future, you should choose an interest that you can be passionate about, define customers and understand their needs. A mentor or a coach can also be of great help if you want to become successful," shared Mohammed.

Al-Nahhla provides three service packages to clients:

  • Alnahhla Buzz: a convenient per order delivery option, designed to suit small business (from point A to Point B).
  • Alnahhla On-demand: An hourly service targeting existing business with need of extra assistance in deliveries during peak hours.
  • Alnahhla ToGo: A monthly service handling all delivery activities of clients, Alnahhla ToGo is designed to make clients focus in core businesses.

Al-Nahhla is also targeting to launch its delivery application in the fourth quarter of the year which is set to serve individuals' expectations of delivery service, closing the gap on their needs and current provided service.

About Al Nahhla Delivery Qatar

Website: https://alnahhla-delivery-comp...
Email address: [email protected]
Contact details: (+974) 5000 4180, 4450 8655

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