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Posted On: 27 September 2018 12:51 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:01 pm

Startup of the Week: Honey Spoon provides a healthy alternative for Qatar's sweet tooth!

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Every Thursday, ILQ features a different Qatari startup in our ‘Startup of the Week’ segment. Qatar has some of the most creative, unique, and impactful startups in the region, and we cover them all across a variety of industries in Doha—from fashion and beauty, to food and dining, health, education, and more!

This week, we're scooping a piece of nature with Honey Spoon—Qatar's healthier sugar substitute which comes in a 7-gram packaging of carefully selected, high quality, fruity, and very sweet, poly-floral blossom honey all squeezed in a light and easy-to-use spoon, thus its name!

Honey Spoon Qatar

It can also be used as a snack besides pouring it over your favourite coffee, tea, fresh juice, or salad. You can even trick your kids to eat healthy by saying that it's a candy that they can consume any time of day!

Sumaya Al-Ziani, its founder, said that what pushed her to develop the concept is due to the fact that in Qatar, people are usually so fond of sweets to the point of sweetening every single hot or cold drink that they can get their hands on.

"We thought of providing a healthier sweetening option for Qataris and our expat friends," she added.

Honey Spoon has been making the rounds since April 2018, receiving mostly-positive feedback from their early customers who eventually become loyal ones as well, according to Sumaya.

Honey Spoon Qatar

"A big percentage of them ordered more than once. Some even shared that their kids (or elderly relatives—sometimes) also loved our honey. The good thing about our customers is they have so many questions about the product and how we come up with it which we were happy to answer."

When asked about Honey Spoon's edge in the Qatari market, Sumaya was quick to respond with one word: Passion. She then continued by saying: "We don't only sell, our core aim is to create an environment that helps people in Qatar find healthy alternatives to the food products that they consume on a daily basis. We hope to contribute in raising awareness about the quality and the different types of honey, and clarifying all the misconceptions that some vendors are using to market their products."

Sumaya also pointed out that Doha residents should do their own research about the characteristics of the different types of natural honey that they will intake and not just take anybody’s word for it.

Honey Spoon Qatar

She concluded by sharing an advice for those people (specifically millenials) who are planning to establish startup companies of their own. "I would say follow your heart and passion, and you will find the help and support that you need to start. It’s not easy but it’s fun."

Honey Spoon is lucky to occupy an office at the Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) headquarters.

You can experience Honey Spoon's goodness yourself by sending them a Direct Message on Instagram.

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