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Posted On: 3 December 2018 01:30 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 12:15 pm

Servcorp: Reimagining work spaces, increasing productivity – through coworking

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The new buzzword in workplace seems to be coworking spaces. Everyone seems to be talking about these coworking spaces and how their occupancy is on the rise.

But…what is coworking space? And, why is the term gaining so much momentum of late?

If you’re new to this concept, then let us tell you more about coworking spaces and what they can do for you.

Coworking is, quite basically, the sharing of office space for those who want to work within a communal and collaborative surrounding space.

Though coworking blends in well with freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs and those who are self-employed or work remotely and want to keep the business overhead costs to a minimum, yet work collaboratively, or may find it hard to work from home or in isolation, many big organisations are also turning towards this new boom.

You may be thinking…you understand why individuals who are not employed full-time are occupying coworking spaces, but you are definitely wondering why big organisations are turning towards coworking when they have their very own office space.

Let’s tell you then…

For one, organisations can just rent what they need on a month-to-month basis, rather than invest in a proper office space which has a lot of costs involved. Secondly, many organisations now allow their employees the flexibility of utilising coworking spaces especially when they are out of the office. Thirdly, sometimes offices can become stifling and to be more productive, employees or management may opt for coworking spaces.

Today, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly common all over the world, the concept is becoming increasingly relevant in Qatar, too, with more and more individuals and organisations on the lookout for a good coworking space where they can feel comfortable and get some quality work done.

That’s where Servcorp comes in.

We offer more than a just coworking space, we provide you a community.

Servcorp Qatar

Our coworking spaces are inviting, friendly, appealing to everyone no matter what your need or personality. We have dedicated spaces where, not only can you cowork and network with others, you can be part of a community of other professionals, access all kinds of business support and build lasting friendships, too.

So, whether you are looking for a private space where you can work in peace without distraction or want a space where you can interact with people from other fields, build your social and business networks, gain exposure, collaborate, brainstorm new ideas and share skill sets, we have a solution that will cater to everyone of you out there.

No other shared coworking space provider in Qatar has designed managed workspace to ensure you win. We have!

Servcorp Doha

We provide workspace solutions for those who want to win. This is what we have on offer:

  • Flexible workspace to suit your work style
  • A sophisticated shared space with great views, natural light and like-minded people
  • Interaction with a community of other imagineers
  • State-of-the-art business and technology infrastructure
  • To never miss a vital call
  • Printing capability from every desk
  • Access to a community of over 40,000 imagineers to collaborate with, buy from, sell and socialise with
  • Instant access IT infrastructure equivalent to large multinational corporations
  • IT help instantly
  • Receptionist when needed
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Secretaries available
  • 1 month security deposit
  • Global network

We're opening the door to modern ways of working and collaborating in Qatar through customised packages that suit you.

Depending on the package, our coworking spaces offer access to hot desks or dedicated desks, boardroom and meeting rooms, secretarial support in addition to a wide range of other benefits. Most importantly, it also allows members to collaborate and network locally, and with Servcorp operating in 23 countries, in over 160 locations, members can also connect with 40,000 clients globally, and become one of the world’s largest business communities.

Providing the world’s finest workspace solutions and moving away from traditional spaces, the fully equipped and furnished coworking space offers a ready-made solution for companies looking to establish a branch office, entrepreneurs needing a flexible office space or local businesses currently cutting their operational budgets and looking for more flexible solutions to host their teams, meetings and business.

Servcorp locations in Doha

We have coworking spaces in three prime locations in Doha:

Commercial Bank Plaza

Location: Levels 14 & 15, Commercial Bank Plaza, West Bay, Doha - Qatar

Tel: +974 4452 8200

Tornado Tower

Location: Level 21, Doha Tower, West Bay, Doha - Qatar

Tel: +974 4031 6800

Doha Tower

Location: Level 22, Tornado Tower, West Bay, Doha - Qatar

Tel: +974 4429 2400

Call Servcorp on +974 4429 2300 to know more about coworking, book a tour and rent your coworking space today.