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Posted On: 18 February 2016 10:51 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Report the missing price tag

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Knowing your right as a consumer is very important. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce thinks so too and urges the public to report when these rights are violated by someone. Shops may violate consumer rights by not declaring prices clearly. It is your right as a consumer to be able to see these prices indicated on the product of your desire. Here you will find out what your right is and how you can report on violations to protect you and everyone else around you.

Declaring the prices is the role of the shop, the role of the MEC is to make sure that all the price tags are displayed on the products and doing so by organizing the pricing declaration throughout the country. So what is your role in decreasing customer-rights violations?

Firstly, don’t buy products without clear price labels. Then, you can report the violations to the MEC. How, might you say? Well, a recently launched APP by the MEC helps you report violations like this in an easy and complication-free fashion. The app is available for both Apple and Android products.

Here are the easy steps to follow:

1. Download and open the MEC app

2. Select ‘Public Services’ in the menu

3. Then select ‘Consumer Services’

4. Then select the ‘How much? Service’

5. Enter the store’s name, your name, your address and phone number

6. Upload a picture of the product and the shop’s signage

After filing the complaint, the ministry will then review the entry for appropriate sanction. After all, this may contribute to a better consumer experience for everyone in Qatar.

The app by the MEC also has other great features, with which it won Best Mobile-Government Service Award in the economy and trade category across the Arab world. The Award was just presented during the 4th edition of the World Government Summit in Dubai. It recognizes the ministry’s efforts to reinforce a diversified economy and promote a competitive business environment.

With such efforts made by the government and hopefully participation by the general public, we can hope achieve for a brighter, consumer-protected future. The world recognizes the ministry’s efforts and so should we, so download the app, have a look around and find useful ways to make life a little easier and safe for you as a consumer.